I’m not much into poetry, well i think, but there’s this poem of Swinburne A Leave-Taking, that i still remember from years ago. It has something special, like the music i love. Here’s part of it.

Let us go hence, my songs; she will not hear.
Let us go hence together without fear;
Keep silence now, for singing-time is over,
And over all old things and all things dear.
She loves not you nor me as all we love her.
Yea, though we sang as angels in her ear,
She would not hear.
Let us rise up and part; she will not know.
Let us go seaward as the great winds go,
Full of blown sand and foam; what help is here?
There is no help, for all these things are so,
And all the world is bitter as a tear.
And how these things are, though ye strove to show,

She would not know.
Sunsido is an ambient (not only) progressive house producer from Poland. If you like rolling bass&beats round and fresh like coconuts fallen from the tree, you’ll love Sunsido. The tracks have a lovely flavour of tropical islands rocked by a fresh breeze.

Sunsido – Way to Nowhere |FREE|

The track is for FREE HERE.

Sunsido – Reverie (Original Mix) |FREE|

The track is for FREE HERE.


This Russian duo is composed of Subranger and Elo Method. Quality music, great inspiration.

Eocene Nine – Your Smile |FREE DL|

Your Smile and Chasm are available on the FREE EP HERE.

Eocene Nine – Returns To Normal [cut]

Slow but not soft and lovely. Here’s a very interesting track colored in dark anxious shades.

The XX – Stars(Eocene Nine bootleg)


She’s a Dj and producer from Hamburg in Germany. Her music’s sweet and light, but here’s a remix by Dj Koze with whom she works a lot.

Ada Faith Koze s Grungerwomen Remix

Deep and mysterious filled with interferences similar to ghost signals.


Skye. is a Dj and producer living in Tokyo. His productions explore a large range of ambient music from chillstep to liquidfunk.

Rameses B – I Need You (Skye Remix)

Blu Mar Ten – Believe Me (Skye Remix) [FREE]


ODESZA is a production duo made up of Harrison Mills (Catacombkid) and Clayton Knight (BeachesBeaches) based out of the Pacific North West, United States. Extremely talented

ODESZA – How Did I Get Here

ODESZA – IPlayYouListen

Their album Summer’s Gone  is free and available on their WEBSITE.

Last month they released their video of their edit of  Nomadic FirsCover Bombs.

Make yourself comfortable and, well, your imagination will do the rest…


You read our blog so Archie Cooper is a familiar name to you. The talented producer from Canada released a few months ago a really powerful and beautiful (biutiful i should really say) exploring the deconstruction, the depth of sounds. I have the image of men marching and stumbling but not giving up.

T. Power – Just Like An Angel (Archie Cooper’s Capricious Heart Mix)


The Londonian producer released in February of this year a beautiful EP including these super sweet tracks.

I Have No Fear




The talented producer from L.A. has recently released two tracks. Definitely some of the best dreamish ambient trap produced.

Don’t Say No ft. How To Dress Well

Bo Peep (Do U Right) ft. Jeremih

And to finish really sweetly…


Carbon Based Lifeforms or CBL is a Swedish duo formed by Johannes Hedberg and Daniel Segerstad.

Carbon Based Lifeforms – Frog

This is an “old” track but i can’t resist to post it, as some beauty never fades.

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