Tarraxo Luv Beats

You now have Zouk Bass but before that you always had Tarraxinha!

The softer side of Tarraxinha aka Tarrachinha aka Tarraxo, is something I call “Zouk Bliss” just for identifying the particular mood.

So here’s something I stuck together in that mood featuring an array of up and coming Tarraxinha producers from Africa & Europe.  Some of whom you’re already familiar with thanks to us, Paparazzi and Mestah.  Some you should be familar with if you’re into Tarraxinha, DJ Znobia, DJ Nervoso, Nguzunguzu and DJ Marfox. Plus a whole host of new names that you will need to get familar with, DaddOu being the most prominent.

You can now grab the mastered mix:

This mix showcases another side to that beauty we know as Tarraxinha…

Sorry some of the songs are distorted but sadly that’s how the producers made some of the tracks…..:-(…..It’s a fairly under-developed area of music…but with MASSIVE Potential…Plus some of the tracks could only be found in 128/192 kbps….

1. DJ Znobia – U uu
2. DJ Demolition – Assim Não – Milena, Artur Leite e Caló Pascoal
3. Ashanti vs. SaLeZ – Foolish/Pura InspiraçaO (Nguzunguzu Edit)
4. Don -G feat NGA – Faz O Que Quiseres (DJ Leo Edit)
5. DaddOu – Taraxaa Brutal
6. Dj Lil’ Mike Dj Mel – Tarraxinha Suave
7. Rui M – Sem Igual
8. DJ ST0MP – Zouk Luv Beat
9. DJ Paparazzi – Crazy Luv
10. Dj Znobia – Amor Perfeito
11. Kiz – Found Luv
12. DJ Nervoso – Areia
13. DJ KayeL – Got 2 Luv U
14. DJ Paparazzi – Fantasy
15. Mestah – So Para Voce
16. Mestah – Hum Baby
17. Mestah Bling Bling
18. DaddOu – Kizomba Sensual
19. Mestah – Laisse Toi Guider
20. Mika Mendes – So Um Momento (DaddOu Remix)
21. Ciara Ft T-Pain _ Go Girl (Mestah Remix)
22. Dj Marfox – Lagrimas E Dor

Mastered by Okulus Anomali

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