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Ah it’s that time of year that I really enjoy. In the southwest desert April is one of those months that is just perfect. We get a bit of warm rain but not too much, my allergy attacks subside as I my auto-immune system gets used to the pollen onslaught (perhaps I’m wrong about this, I’m not a biologist but fancy myself as an amateur) requiring me to sleep with nasal spray next to my bed for the periodic “can’t breathe’ moments, the days and nights are almost equal in temperature, and I return to the gym to lose weight and exercise after my winter sabbatical. The only bad thing is the threat of the coming intense heat of a desert summer, which resembles the feeling of extreme heat when one opens their oven to retrieve their baked food, except this heat doesn’t go away like when the oven is closed, instead it stays on with a grip like that of a lion’s while devouring a gazelle (they hunt gazelles right?).

The other good thing about this time of year is to get to play music outside in the warm night. And what is better for that than cumbia? Reggae, sure, okay but cumbia is up there too.

To start off the outdoor gig, try this one out. It’s a new one from the always enjoyable Panikoo.

Last year, or was it the year before? I can’t honestly remember, the years all bleed together for me now. But let’s say last year (too lazy to check), Fauna released their album Manshines on ZZK Records. Just recently they released their Manshines Remixes album to download for free. This is El Timbe’s dope contribution.

Philthy Dronez is one of those producers that think creatively about mashups. What can go with cumbia? Before we have heard him mashup Black Sabbath, which was pretty extreme. This time we get Yazoo with Biggie and with help of Turbo Sonidero Futuristico and his breaks he shared with us all in the past.

The reigning master of mashups however without a doubt is Captain Cumbia. His newest mashup flows as smoothly as is expected from him. Mashing reggaeton with cumbia we get Johnny Prez’s cover of El General’s Tu Pum Pum (I prefer El General) vs Los Hermanos Tuiran’s Lluvia.

The master of cumbia hip hop edits in my opinion is DJ Neber. I have written a lot about him in the past and have shared a lot of his tracks here on SSC over the course of two years or so. Well the man doesn’t stop bringing the goods and I’m very grateful for that.

Los Destellos are pioneers and legends to us who love Peruvian chicha. Sometimes what the pioneers begin with over-shadows all those who follow in their footsteps. This could fairly be said about Los Destellos with respect to many of the great bands that existed at the same time and after.

Colombian Free Mix takes us back in time with a respectful salute to Enrique Delgado and lovers of Los Destellos.

Arturo Herera DJ returns to SSC with a hip hop cumbia edit from the marimba’s perspective. If you take out the hip hop this reminds me of how Guatemalan cumbia sounds. A couple of years ago I attended a Guatemalan dinner with the local Guatemalan ambassador and other guests. The first time I actually encountered Guatemalan cumbia was at this dinner where a band played for us as we ate. I’m not saying this edit is like the music, it’s only that the marimba reminds me of the style of cumbia I heard that night.

The always wonderful and talented Hannah Shinohara is back with her awesome flow and distinguished lyrical styling. This time with Relo of Sub Klub Records. These tracks are definitely worth adding to your library.

Masilva dropped his album last year to much deserved success. It is great to hear more from him again, but this time in a remix by fellow Colombian Dany F.

Headliner Magazine sat down with one of our favorite producers Solo Moderna for a little interview where he discusses his new productions and work along with the Dutch cumbia/Balkan music scene and gives a shout out to us here at Generation Bass.

Read the interview here.

Quickly before I take my leave, I would like to plug my own side project (because I can and why not?). I started up a weekly podcast called The Global Bass Experience where I speak a little and share a variety of mixes featuring the newest and best in global bass. I tend to include cumbia often due to my love for it. Last week I shared a nice little set of cumbia on the show and would love any support I can get. Thank you.

The Global Bass Experience Episode 4. 04.04.2013 by The Global Bass Experience on Mixcloud

Now go outside and enjoy the nice weather before it gets too hot, humid, or cold (if you’re in the south).


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