Absolute KILLA vibes here from the the Sleediz label and our dude Munchi already wrote about these dudes on our blog a little while back HERE as he was formerly known as Autopsy Protocol!

He has now re-branded himself as “Choklad” and he is re-inventing the fusion of Moombahton with Breakcore to a new extreme level.

This is absolutley INSANE and you need to keep your eyes peeled on this dude!

You can grab an exclusive free track here:

“California Uber Alles”

Stream the rest of this Game Changing EP here and go and buy it:

We’re proud to present you “Choklad” from Spain, new dj/producer signed on Sleediz Records! After more than ten years immersed in the Breakcore and Speedcore, Autopsy protocol decide in 2012 to change tack and name as a Choklad. From the sudden changes and distorted sounds that accompanied Autopsy protocol from the beginning start this new project focused on the tropical rhythms.

“Moombah Extreme Terror” Moombah leisurely tempo mixed with the imaginary and absurd sampling of Breakcore.

Released by: Sleediz
Release/catalogue number: SLDZ012
Release date: Apr 8, 2013

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