I am seriously so happy that these guys exist, seriously over the moon.  I had the rare opportunity to hear tracks from their forthcoming EP and dude, it is friggin’ awesome.

I’ve been waiting for stuff like this for at least 6 years and finally it is here man.

They did another mix recently for French Blog/Mag THE DRONE and you can go and listen to the mix and download it over there and read the interview too.

And this mix is wowowowowowoowwow!!!!!

Télécharger le mix.


Abdou El Omari ‘Afrah el Maghreb’
Robert Maalouf ‘Mahdoune (instru)’
Alpay ‘Yekte’
Najat Essaghira ‘Ana ba achak el bahr’
Aharon Amram ‘Tunes of Yemen’
Sapan Jagmohan ‘Meri aankhon mein’
Scharif Alaoui ‘Ali Baba’
Brahim Izri ‘Ula y’ugadeǒ’
Aric Lavie ‘Ha’sela ha’adom’
Hanaa Ouassim ft. Turzi, Judah Warsky, Dj Gilb’r ‘Untitled (Ambiant mix)’
XTC ‘Beating of hearts’
Raja ‘Belly dance music’
Ghassan Rahbani ‘Mamnoa’



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