Cover Art by Eduardo Caudillo

Cover Art by Eduardo Caudillo

Thing about Javier Estrada is that he is simply one of the best Transnational Bass/Moombahton/3Ball producers out there atm but not everybody knows that yet BUT it’s finally starting to catch on.

Not only is he one of the best but he is also one of the most generous and humble dudes and he is always giving and the stuff he gives is da bomb!

This EP is the da bomb too comprising of edits/bootlegs and remixes of contemporary R&B, Hip Hop, 50’s Latin Doo Wop tracks and some originals too all lovingly put together in that awesome Javier Estrada stylee!

Javier is on the rise, don’t sleep on this dude, we’ve had faith in him since 2010 but it always takes the rest of the world a few years to catch up with us.

Here’s a couple of tasters:

Grab the whole EP here:


Javier Estrada – Eve feat. Jadakiss – Got it All
Javier Estrada – Civilizations Wars
Javier Estrada – Poison Ivy
Javier Estrada – Que Rompa
Javier Estrada Feat Joseline Nava – Bailame
Javier Estrada – Knife Party – Internet Friends

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