Amidst all the Political Revolution ocurring in Egypt, there’s been a new musical Revolution ocurring too : Electro Chaabi.

Now chaabi isn’t anything new, it’s a form of celebratory wedding music and basically it means “popular” and it refers to a variety of musical styles akin to “Pop” in the West.

One of the oldest styles of Chaabi started in Morocco and was known as “Al’ai’ta”.  It’s also been quite prevalent in Algeria too.

In mid 2000 an Egyptian, “Hakim” managed by former Police guru Miles Copeland made a more accessble form of it which was a dopted by a lot of the bellydancing communities. He even went on to do collaborations with James Brown, Stevie Wonder and Don Omar.

Now, it has taken an even further twist and has been adopted by the post-revolution Egyptian youth and this was first catalogued HERE last year.

My dude Joost from Dutch DJ Combo The Cairo Liberation Front has been onto this baby since the start and he just sent me the latest video trailer, which is a must see.  He will also be travelling to Egypt later this month and hopefully he’ll report back on the scene to let us all know what is going down in the Egyptian underground!


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