Karol Conka

While the trap is the global trend of EDM, the rap in Brazil is making a lot of noise. The Karol Conka is one, and she just released an album that merges rap with electronic beats, synths, brazilian percursion and there is even a music with baile funk beats. The first music from album is Corre, Corre Ere, presenting what is the sound of Karol Conka.

Other great music is Boa Noite. From last Ep, boa noite mix a kind of trap, with brazilian instruments, reggae and a kind of grove. Using the influence of brazilian sound, rap receive a new face in Brazil. In Other time, rap was just the same beat repeating with vocals. Now they’re using instruments, percursion and a lot of bass.

In Guetto ao Luxo, the producer use a damm heavy synth with brazilian atabaques in a great rap sound.Unfortunally dont have open link to share, you have to download the cd to check it. This heavy beats is from last EP, but you can take a idea about this new album:



The album is totaly free.

Or Almost free. You can pay with a tweet or a post in facebook. Just click here <-

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