I am trying to steer away from writing anything other than global bass, this is a bias I however fail to achieve. The reason I want to focus on global bass is because everything else seems to get more attention and there are incredible artists that get left out. And those are the artists I try to mostly focus shedding light on.

For example, I stayed away from the new Depeche Mode album Delta Machine. While it is an album I enjoy and have a lot of thoughts on, I figured it doesn’t matter much what I have to say, because one can simply Google search and see many reviews from all over the world. I couldn’t resist Bowie though, he’s just too influential for me to not mention.

This time I justify my writing about something other than global bass due to the immense influence this Swedish duo  has had on artists in the realm of global bass. The Knife is the duo I speak of.  With their recent release on April 5th, after a long break from their last 2006 album, The Knife is back with Shaking The Habitual. Along with the album there have been video releases and one video in particular that I found myself greatly enjoying. I am not going to write a review of the new album but still wish to share this video.

It is a visually interesting video where the Dreijer siblings talk about the new album, their vision, intriguing explanations for The Knife’s philosophy and bits of music from the album as well. I particularly like two moments in the video; the first where Olof states that he believes that under the “masks” people wear, there is only another mask. I take interest in this because it is something I believe too. The unconscious mind is powerful and is the true force behind the majority of our behavior. So much so, that we hardly know ourselves, that is if it is even possible to fully know ourselves. (A good book that I recently have read deals with this subject quite extensively is by physicist Leonard Mlodinow, Subliminal- How Your Unconscious Mind Rules Your Behavior). The second moment is when they explain how by taking into account the extremely conservative  hierarchy of the music industry, they attempt to create their own space for them to exist.

As an added bonus I feel I should share The Knife’s brilliant new music video for A Tooth For An Eye (I know it’s been out for a month now but it is still relevant to this post).

A Tooth For An Eye from The Knife on Vimeo.

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