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I have a couple morning announcements to make before getting into the music. And then perhaps roll call. Or maybe I should start with that first. Is everyone here? Good. Okay starting off here at Generation Bass we have been releasing free EP’s in the genres of dubstep, moombahton and even zouk bass among others too from time to time. We are starting to release cumbia EP’s and do you know who is in charge? Nope. Me, that’s right I am. So send me your requests and don’t waste your time with Dee Jay Umb, he is very busy with many other things. If it’s cumbia it goes to me and I’ll happily talk with you and discuss a possible EP release here.

Second up is a shameless plug. The reason I have no shame is because I work too hard and don’t have the time to feel shameful. And because I work hard all week listening to music every day, hardly having any time for my own projects, I am always speaking with artists, writing reviews, press releases, one sheets, producing album projects; producing, performing and mixing my own show The Global Bass Experience; writing and collecting cumbia tracks all week for this weekly post and holding down my actual job (I mean actual because it is the job that pays my bills and puts food in my stomach). So shame is the one thing I don’t have time for. I’m over-loaded. So I shamelessly wish to plug my hard work, I sincerely do not apologize if this offends you.

The Global Bass Experience is the show I wish to take a moment to plug here. I work on it all week and really would love to see it grow. I’m such a workhorse that I won’t ever stop producing it, until I feel of course like there is nothing more I wish to do with it, but that day doesn’t seem like it ever will arrive in an average healthy person’s lifetime. Please check it out and show me some love and support. I make no money from it but spend plenty on it. This past episode I covered zouk and zouk bass in a special mix along with some really dope cumbia, 3ball and moombah. I hope you like it, and if you do please please please share it with your friends. Also don’t be shy, please comment and share your opinions with me.

The Global Bass Experience Episode 5 04.12.2013 by The Global Bass Experience on Mixcloud

Camanchaca shows some love and support to Copia Doble Systema with his remix of “Doble Troble.” Also along with the chill remix track is a video with scenes from “Night of the Living Dead.” It’s a must see if you like cannibalism and cumbia together.

Copia Doble Systema ft. Catar Sys – Doble Troble (Camanchaca Remix) from foxmono on Vimeo.

Speaking of Copia Doble Systema, they are getting ready to tour this year and are looking for dates. Here is a promo video you most likely will like, especially if you are into bright clothing. Now under Post World Industries, please contact PWI for booking information at [email protected]

Café De Calaveras returns to SSC with his new project through Folcore. It is a reggae-cumbia EP. This track features Bob Marley and Chuck D on the track “Survival” remixed by Café De Calaveras. For a free download of the whole EP, visit Folcore.

It has been a while since I have had Chong X around here on SSC. He’s back with a sick mystical remix of Stas’ “Spirits.”

A mixtape comes our way by way of Sonidos Profundos, one of my all time favorite nu cumbieros. Sonidos Profundos never fails to please, even when it’s a mix. This is an eclectic cumbia mix perfect for background or foreground listening.

Sonidos Profundos [email protected]_Negro_Records by Techvibes on Mixcloud

One dude that gets in the brain with his cumbia is FeroZMonas. His herb-friendly music makes the perfect soundtrack for a relaxing sit down. I wonder what his plans are for 420 this year. Silly (lame) talk aside, FeroZMonas really produces some innovative digital cumbia that is a pleasure to listen to.

Take your time with the herb; I’m not done yet. Play this new track right after the last one. El Mulato is another innovative cumbiero that deserves much respect.

DJ Linterna of Dos Mundos Radio has been quiet when it comes to producing lately. So needless to say, it brings me much pleasure when he produces and shares something new. This is the case with his new track “Lunes off.” I even featured this track as the last song on my The Global Bass Experience Episode 5 mix.
It is a beautiful production that brings lovely visuals to mind. I am positive you will enjoy this.

Snow Balderas is one of the heads behind the Soberbio Musica collective. He knows his stuff and it really shows with this edit of “Son Calenda.”

El Mencho Cumbia Dub started sharing tracks on the Nu Cumbia Experience Facebook group. I’m glad they did because these are some really deep cumbia tracks that I found myself enjoying greatly.

There is not much I can say after all I’ve already said about Yelram Selectah, he just keeps producing awesome tracks for playing out in a mix live. He is definitely one of my “go to “ producers when it comes to selecting tracks to play in a live mix.

Dany F is our deep cumbia boy, when we’re looking for it. When we want more he is a good producer for champeta and other afro-Colombian productions. This deepness is his specialty, his trademark if you will.

For another producer that loves to take cumbia to new innovative depths you should strongly consider checking out the work of AsagiSaundo. He is the master of the sci fi cumbia and he’s back!

This last track is from a duo called Cumbia Machin that I had just very recently wrote a feature on – on Nu Cumbia Experience dot com. There I go into a lot more detail and also share their whole album “Esuper Cumbia” that this song is on. Just click on this link to listen to and read more.

Another busy and productive week has come to an end with the promise of many more in sight. The new EP releases from Generation Bass produced and managed by me will be intense, so keep an eye and an ear, or better yet, both of your eyes and both of your ears, even both of your nostrils out for the EP releases coming soon.


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