Here’s the new episode in the adventures of the great Beat Making Lab project. The guys released a few days ago the video of their work in Panama. Watch, enjoy and support !

During carnival season, Stephen Levitin (Apple Juice Kid) and Pierce Freelon paired students with percussion ensemble Barrio Fino; hip hop and jazz band The Beast; and nationally treasured vocalist Yomira – infusing afro-Caribbean comparsa rhythms into youth-created hip hop and electronic jazz beats. Most workshops took place at La Esqualita del Ritmo, an innovative program that provides free music and arts classes to local youth. The Lab also included a day-trip to the rain forests of Gamboa, where a beat making session took place a prison, which also houses Manuel Noriega.
The Beat Making Lab web-series launched March 13th with episodes from a community center in Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo. Portobelo, Panama is the second location to be featured on the series and will be followed by Beat Making Labs in Dakar, Senegal and Suva, Fiji. Every Wednesday viewers get a glimpse into the intricate processes of beat making, as well as the daily lives of young, aspiring musicians from very different walks of life. (From press release)

From the images we can expect something really great, so keep posted if you want to give your playlist a pump up !

Here’s the link to our first article about the project : Beat Making Lab : recreating the chemistry of music.

And as a super bonus, watch this superb video of Apple Juice Kid playing live with drummers and percussionists.

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