Again I start by saying I’m trying to stick to more of a global bass (all interpretations of that meaning are welcome) approach to what I share here on Generation Bass. But again I stray. We have addressed this large elephant in the room already a couple of times but I strongly feel it is necessary to come back to the said elephant. The elephant goes by the title Daft Punk.

It would be silly to dismiss the long awaited, highly anticipated new album Random Access Memories from the robo duo. I was one of the many that absolutely loved their Tron Legacy soundtrack but that was already too long ago. This time the legends are going somewhere very funky. They are digging up old disco and funk recording equipment to bring an organic (I know that word is grossly over-used. I shall retire from using it soon) sound combined with their trademark sound that has provided them a good living.

The collaborators on this project include the legendary Nile Rodgers (a personal and influential hero of mine), disco maestro Giorgio Moroder, house and garage giant Todd Edwards and N.E.R.D. Pharrell. But I don’t want to waste your time reading my words. Instead check out the video series where each collaborator goes deeper into the project.

Here is the latest with Pharrell.

And this fun little teaser…

Preview the whole album on iTunes HERE

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