I decided to lay down another Arabic mix and this one covers a variety of styles, Acid, Tecno, House, Electronica, Trap and Roots.  So essentially it a fusion of Middle Eastern sounds with Western Beats hence ArabTronix.

A lot of these tracks have been in my collection for a while, maybe 6+ years but man, they still sound so fresh and ahead of time, it’s no wonder people use to go nutz when I use to play some of them out.

Some of the tracks are obviously more recent and they probably prompted me to put this together.

ArabTronix also features covers/remixes of New Order’s “Blue Monday”, Die Antwoord’s “Diz is why I’m Hot” & also the lead track from Shaft, all in Arabic stylee…..

Artwork by Hassan Hajjaj.
Font Setting by Steve Ohh
Mastered by Celt Islam (Earth City Mastering)

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