Kwest always comes up with great ideas on how to re-interpret older genres with a Moombahton make-over.  He previously covered Hip Hop and Jungle and now he turns his attention to 80’s House music.

This was always going to be quite a challenge given that 80’s House and its producers are pretty iconic and quite legendary in Dance Music circles. Many of these tracks just simply cannot be improved because they were pretty damn perfect to begin with!

But I think they just about manage to pull it off with some grace and respect to the originals and so it’s a great and essential addition to your Moombahton collection.

This compilation will also be an education for some of the younger Moombahton producers who think House music is all about Guetta, SHM or Afrojack.  Hopefully, they will take some time to backtrack on the history of some of these tracks, which in the end can only benefit the current explosion and interest in dance music culture, which has recently gripped the USA.

Here’s some tracks from the comp, grab the whole thing below:

Here’s what they say:

In the beginning, there was Jack – and now thanks to Jon Kwest – in Jack’s house, moombahton finds a groove…

Sending underground dance floors into a wild frenzy of booty shaking mania has been moombahton’s glorious legacy-so-far. When tracks – both legendary and modern – meet with the heavy, yet energized dembow riddim, they are given a fresh, new and very expressive take. Everything from electro to soul to even dubstep have been sampled and oftentimes improved, old sounds staying forever young in a new style. But on the Jon Kwest curated Jack the Moombah compilation, this well established idea meets up with classic house, and the sounds reach arguably moombahton’s highest level-to-date.

Historically, when house met techno, both sounds benefited incredibly. Songs like Soho’s “Hot Music” and Inner City’s “Big Fun,” alongside the work of producers like Todd Terry, Kevin Irving, Lil Louis and Mr. Fingers became iconic grooves that evoke immediate joy. These songs always find a way to make a room get so hot that the walls pour with sweat and a party slips into a deep hole to a body jacking paradise. With moombahton now headed down a similar road, this compilation is where the past meets the future and amazing things happen.

In the hands of Washington, DC-based Jon Kwest, the pulverizing basslines and sultry jazz riffs of “Hot Music” feel like they’re stomping the clouds to rain down poly-rhythms instead of descending into four-on-the-floor madness. Lithuanian-born now Bristol, UK-residing Boyfriend takes the work of techno master Kevin Saunderson’s Inner City project and crafts it into a tech house-meets- moombah ear-wormer. Moombahton producers Sabo, Melo, Madd OD, Xian 1, the UK’s Disgraceland and Secret Sauce – the Kansas City, Missouri trio of Brent Tactic and DJs Archi and B-Stee – have all previously excelled at making intelligent moombahton dance floor champions. In remixing classic house at the hot sound’s golden tempo, they meet their expectation and a global party community benefits in a major way.

Download the whole comp here:


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