This is so good ! I mean really good ! UK label Scold Recordings released a few days ago a great 4-track EP made of three original tracks and one remix. Exploring different genres the whole EP is strongly marked with a classy house flavour, vitamined by 8 bit melodies. If you feel a bit down this EP is certainly what you need to get away from your every problems and put back a smile on your face.

Tracklist :

1. Geek Boy & Kreecha – Unicorn Cascade

Unicorn Cascade is a moombahton banger, pure and simple. Blending global bass, with dancehall licks, with chopped vocals ride over a trademark moombahton bounce, this one is guaranteed to make the crowd jump.

Using multiple ethnic percussions blended to a nicely moombah style drum kick you slowly get into the track, then there’s the 8-bit melody, simple and refined with a sweet ambient synth layer and a discreet wobbles to give a lovely push up to the track.

2. Kendrick Shuffle

Geek Boy and Kreecha have moved trap on from its more simple 808-based origins to create a more grown-up take on the genre. It’s a track that has so many musical elements intertwined with the percussion that it takes this out of the club and into the home as a valid musical piece, rather than just a dance floor banger.

3. Venus ft. Geek Boy

This tune that oozes warehouse vibes and energy. This 120bpm groover has hugely interesting percussive elements that make it stand out from the other tracks in this mid-tempo sub-genre.

4. Kendrick Shuffle (Disgraceland Remix)

Disgraceland has taken this trap tune and flipped it on its head to create a multi-layered, complex slick of deep moombahton. The original elements of the track are kept in place, but with a more epic breakdown, which has been described by Sabo as “insane”. Disgraceland has ensured that this tune will be a afterhours favourite for a long time to come.

Check out more about the release listening to the minimix of the EP

Geek Boy & Kreecha – Imaginarium E.P Promo Mix

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