This past weekend I played at a full blown rave, I’m talking glow sticks, fuzzy hats and dudes who come up to you insisting that they are a caterpillar.  It was actually quite fun and a long time since I had seen such a wacky party.  I played in the ‘Global Beats’ side room alongside my homie DJ Lokash.  Lokash is a true digger and a great source for whats new and fresh in the world of tropical bass, his ‘New World Show’ on WESU is one of the few places you can hear tropical bass music on the FM airwaves.   We previewed this mix on our drive back to NYC the next day, these tunes and a bottle of water helped me make it thru a pretty rough “morning”.

Bumpahs (DL link avail) by Dj Lokash on Mixcloud

YO GEK, to put out a mix like this and not have any tracks listed and it’s not available for download is kinda torture for the music geeks like me.  This mix is truly fantastic and contains a plethora of amazing latin gems from one of the most important Tropicalistas in the game.  Geko told me about this mix on a night where I saw him share the decks with DJ Sabo, DJ Ayres, Cosmo Baker, Dave Nada and of course his partner in crime Uproot Andy.  He killed it that night and he kills it on this mix, as usual.  Don’t sleep….

The last one we came across here is an all Murlo mix released by Caribbean culture site LargeUp.  If u haven’t heard of Murlo you’ve been sleeping under a rock, 2 of my favorite remixes of 2012 belonged to him (Trouble &  his Call Me a Yardie).  This mix is pretty amazing, consisting of not only all his own stuff but almost exclusively all original tracks.  Even without vocals (aside from the occasional Aaaah and Hay!) this mix is an interesting and cool ride.   We look forward to much more amazing stuff from Murlo in the future.

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