It’s really great to see how Zouk Bass is influencing kids from all over the globe right now.  Like these dudes, Red Milk, from Lithuania.

Zouk Bass from Lithuania!!!

The other famous Lithuanian export we know is Moombahton’s Boyfriend!

Red Milk ain’t new to me though cause one of the boys, Vytautas Papuga,  is from a great Dubstep outfit called M-Theory and I included a lot of their tracks in my Popstep Mixtapes.  He always had an ear for melody and sweet female vox.  The other dude who makes up Red Milk is Simas Meižis.

So what have they done in terms of this Zouk Bass track?

Well, I said previously in one of my posts that although I personally lean more towards the Tarraxinha kind of sound of the DZC Crew, Marfox and Znobia, it is inevitable that Zouk Bass will be open to a variety of new mutations including Core, Cumbia, Moombahton and other things in between.  No-one can control that and so you have to go with the flow I guess.

Red Milk have chosen to adopt a Pop-Core sensibility to Zouk Bass and this sounds like a Zouk Bass theme song to Twilight or some other Film Noir or Teen-Luv movie.  I actually really dig this tune and it’s definitely an interesting mutation for me and pushes the door wide open for the endless possibilites available for this old/new and fast/slow genre 😉

Plus it includes some great vox samples that sit beautifully and cinematically on top of the Zouk Bass riddims.  Really good stuff and I would say that this kind of track is paving a way for the sound to become more accessible to the masses.

Here’s what the boys say about it:

We heard Zouk Bass and felt that vibe instantly, wanted to experiment with that genre, so the whole core was inspired by Buraka’s famous set, but we wanted to do something a little bit different and to add our own touch. The result is heavier with synths and vocals.

It’s all about the inspiration and I wouldn’t want to stifle creativity, especially if I feel it in the end result like this track.  This is definitely a new “angle” being taken on the sound.

I would download this and play it to your girlfriend, you know the one who is into Vampire & Zombie movies and that kinda stuff, cause she is gonna dig it!

Download from below and also from a Zippyshare link:

Red Milk – Pickaplum

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