Is there a possibility that music can be a sacred place where the human species can connect without having any of the flaws of humanity interfere? A place where there is no greed, envy, ethnocentrism, egocentrism and hatred but only universal compassion? Can music ever possibly be that place similar to a state of deep meditation where we connect equally consciously and unconsciously?

This weekend we see a return to SSC with Al Pacheco and his new cumbia dub track. It is playful instrumentally but keeps the dub vibe ever present and strong.

My old friend and one of the few who originally introduced me to cumbia, DJ Tranzo, appears here much to my happiness with his mixtape of Selena classics most cumbia fans will be sure to love.

I’m always excited to bring some new o Pedrinho tracks here on SSC. This time it is with his new edit of Grupo Celeste’s “El Viento”. The dubby bass line flows deep under this one.

This classic song from the Skatalites made its way into the creative hands of Kinky Electric Noise. I will do a major injustice if I don’t quote what KEN had to say about it. So I shall be just:

“This remix has been floating around for the last 6 months so I thought I would finish it up and post it before summer starts. I’ve always liked the original and thought it would make a good cumbia edit. I slowed down the tempo to give the grooves some room to breathe, added some 808s, 909s, a ton of percussion, extra samples and efxs in order to bring it up to date. Hopefully somewhere this remix will cause people to strip naked, dance wildly on bar tops and guzzle tons of rum…or at the very least remind them of FIFA ’99. “

I never thought, ever, that there would be a cumbia cover of “Tubthumping” by Chumbawamba. I can’t believe it has been done. As I am overcome by memories of the late 90’s I must admit Astros De Mendoza made it happen and did an awesome job.

I have both the video the put together for it and the track for downloading.

Tubthumping (Astros de mendoza ft. La Serena Morena cover) from Atocha Crespo on Vimeo.

Here is something new and fresh for our ears. It’s the first single from live Sonidera band enigmatically titled SONIDERO CONFUSION. Expect to hear a lot more from them here in the near future.

Promoting his new track soon to be released by Latino Resiste is my young talented friend Ale Cassis. You might recognize him from the brilliant Bolivian artist collaboration Oi Mas Bass. Keep your eyes on him because he’s going to be big very soon and he surely will be around for a long while.

I found this to be quite interesting. It’s a production from El Lobby Sound featuring spoken text from “El Payador Perseguido, de Atahualpa Yupanqui.” I will be the first to claim my ignorance about this text, the author and what it is about. I will surely find out though. In the meantime for those of you who do understand and for those ignorant of it like me, I’m sure a lot of you will get enjoyment from it. (My time during the week listening to music all day and night for review along with my show and other writing unfortunately doesn’t sometimes permit me much freedom to research in time for this post).

Panikoo is to blame for me posting so much of his work here on SSC lately. Panikoo is to blame because the productions keep coming out and they are all very good. Here we go with his new one Noche y Dia.

Petardo is still in Berlin producing his lovely show CUMBIA DUB CLUB. Later this year he told me he plans to return to Peru to perform more in small venues to connect the music one a more intimate basis. Until then he still works his magic. And here is a perfect example of such a mix.

Keep your eyes pealed for a new review I have planned for Candelaria Musica’s new album coming very soon. This very popular cumbia – dub band makes it happen out there in Oakland, California and they deserve more international presence, and I will help with making that happen as much as and in any way that I can.

Until I reveal more on my review, take this great tune in.

A powerful and interesting new EP release came out just a couple of days ago and I wanted to wait until the end of this SSC post to share it with you in its entirety. This cumbia electronica EP comes from Sigsonbia and Renetorash and is called DIME PAPI. I think you’re really going to love this one featuring remixes by nu cumbiero maestros Orihuela M.S.S. and Mezcal Sound System.

Our problems with acts of terrorism and violence are human problems, therefore they are limited to our illusory sense of emotions and subjectivity. They are created by our minds, not objectively by nature. If we create them then we can surely solve them.


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