So again i am insidiously trying to have you hair dyed with weird colors and get you dressed in smashin’ psychadelic outfits. Yes, ladies, gents, it’s time for some Biutiful Miusic. If you took reading this blog series along the way i suggest you get a look onto the first article to know why i persist mispelling beautiful. If you’re too lazy to do so you can also watch this :

This week, the waves are a bit darker than usual, but not too much, don’t worry. Between nostalgy and and mysterious dark romanticism we dug out our precious gems. Listen, enjoy&download !


Newcastle talented artist Sorrow will release his new album on Monotreme Records on May the 13th. We already have two previews of the diamond quality tracks you’ll be able to get on vinyl. From what we’ve heard already we can expect his work to be as great as his EP Art is dead (available on Bandcamp)

Sorrow – ‘Dreamstone ft. CoMa’

Sorrow – Shadowed Doubt

Shadowed Doubt is an immersion into an imaginary oriental world, a fine and delicate piece of architecture.

If you were hanging around these days on Sorrow’s SC you might have also heard a preview of a track : Lover’s Charm, a superb work blending sweet guitar melodies, and chillstep beats. We hope to get more soon while waiting for the album.

Here’s also to listen his previous release Art is Dead EP on Bandcamp


American producer (from Hell !) Madden released a very interesting version of Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ hot track (and great video) Sacrilege.
Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Sacrilege (M4DDEN Remix)

Slow synths, military drumbeats, with a minimalistic aspect.

Flohawk is an artist from Denton, United States.
Rihanna_Where Have You Been (Flohawk Downgrade)

Interesting experiment this downgrade. I love the way, Flohawk gets into the bass and distorted frequencies.


Producer from Birmingham, James Vine Enigma Dubz already known for his two album releases on LU10 records Variations&Genesis, came out a few months ago with beautiful tracks that deserve attention.
ENiGMA Dubz – Dream (Free Download)

Beautiful synth layer, slightly glitched beats and nice vocal stabs.

Dead Can Dance – The Host Of Seraphim (ENiGMA Dubz Mix) FREE DL

Two months ago he released also a chillstep remix of the beautiful Dead Can Dance Host of Seraphim track which now is available for free.

#AQUAFLASH is a blend of seapunk, dance anthem and old school vocals. The whole thing is quite enthralling !
#NICODEINE CRUSH uses slow down vocals and very elaborate beats outlined by magic female vocal stabs and a beautiful synth. Released on Aural Sects label the EP is available for FREE. I really recommand a download especially for #Nicodeine Crush.


Burn my bridges

Ambient dubstep with a heavy loud atmosphere.

The Kills – Black Balloons (Spell Hound Remix)

Playing on strong reverbs the remix of the Kills develops a great ambience.

You can also get their eponym EP for FREE on Aural Sects’ Bandcamp HERE !

Among all the tracks that have a strong darkwave shoegaze flavour, you have this one that i love and that reminds me a bit of Purity Ring‘s work.

And to finish the old tune ! Well not so old, it’s actually the original track of Guided Rhythm EP by Tantrum Desire on Technique Recordings which will certainly give you the right kick you need to move that thing we wanna see on the dancefloor ! This tune has everything : the sexy not too mainstream but super catchy vocals, the trance synths and the big distorted bassline ! Quality track especially for the synth drop in the middle ! (Sorry for German users, you won’t be able to see the vid, yeah you know why…)

A small bonus, a short mixtape made partly with the tracks blogged in this section, enjoy!

Tiger feather – love underwater mixtape #01 by Tiger Feather on Mixcloud

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