Over the past year and a half Dialect Trio has provided me with a lot of great music that I shared here on Generation Bass. They also created some cool remix projects where several Generation Bass regulars contributed on. There is another remix album to be released next month. I have heard two tracks from it, one being my own and the other being the global bass maestro Rafael Aragon’s. If I were to judge I would, with little hesitation state that Rafael’s blows mine out of the water.

Now Dialect Trio has officially released their  official debut album that all of the past EP releases have been leading up to. For me personally it is a pleasant trip down memory lane listening to this album. Consisting of songs I know very well and love with much affection. This collection of songs sums up all the different influences that drive Dialect Trio.

To hear this trio develop and produce over the past year and a half (I believe I’m recalling the correct amount of time) has been a pleasure. Becoming aware of Russ Bledsoe’s intoxicating guitar playing, Matthew Mansfield’s production expertise and masterful bass playing, and Robby Astrove’s brilliant oxymoron style of playing loose with flow and tight with timing, has been a tremendous pleasure for many live music lovers around the world. The future is blindingly bright for this unique trio.

One will be doing themselves a wonderful service purchasing their debut album Elements of Style.

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