So I know very little about Cortex and there’s very little info provided on the soundcloud but somehow I came across this guy a long time ago and liked one of his original moombahton tracks.   Since then he’s just been there lurking in one of my soudcloud feeds…  This mix tho!!!  Spectacular.  It’s definitely not something to pump before heading out to rage, it’s something to pump when coming home to vibe.  I personally would classify a lot of these tracks as Future Bass, kinda post-Dubstep grooves, super cool and interesting throughout.   Track listing at 50 favorites, so go heart this thing so I can search out these joints!!!  Nice ONE!

EZRAKH (pr. ezz-rock) is a homie from the whole amazing Jersey scene happening right now.  Regularly sharing the decks with Sliink, Nadus and the rest of the Brick Bandits crew, EZRAKH would not be upset to be classified as the ‘oddball’ of the bunch.  However, his knack for finding interesting tunes is uncanny and this mix is a great reflection of that.  Maybe the best way to classify this mix would be Urban Bass music, with hints of Jersey Club, RnB/Soul, Electro, House all that, and he included that Rustie track, whaaaat!!!  If you like what you hear you can catch EZ and the crew live every Wednesday on RWD.FM for their Thread radio sessions, you might even here my voice pop up on there once and a while!  Some old sessions too;

Lastly a groovy little piece from LoVe RuSseLL and the homie DJ Chicus.  The Heavy Sound is a party these guys do in Brooklyn and this mix is a dope little picture of the vibes they’re rocking.  A little bit 80’s soul, a little bit Nu-Disco, Electro, and lots of grooves.  Get dipped out and let your SOUL GLO!


“…and u cant beat that with a BAT!”

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