What I am about to state here is with complete and total sincerity. If there is one person I had to choose, of the many I know, who I think will become a huge presence in the music industry, I would single out without hesitation and with a joyful heart, Matthew Shell of MTS music.

One fortunate day I stumbled upon his wonderful masterpiece (and I don’t say masterpiece as an overstatement but rather as an understatement) Beautiful Dreamer featuring the immaculate vocalist Carolyn Malachi. My personal discovery of Matthew Shell’s talents has been wonderful as every new production I have encountered since continues time and again to bestow euphoria upon my being.

I couldn’t resist but to interview him to learn more and I did so here on Generation Bass last year. The interview was received so incredibly well, much better than my expectations. The number of Facebook likes and links from other websites to it provide honest proof of this success. I had nothing to do with the powerful reception as far as promoting is concerned. I do implore anyone of you who missed it to visit it here from August 2012, and experience it for yourself. After this interview, I kept seeing links to it and other Generation Bass articles featuring Matthew pop up all over the place, like this one for example.

I am expressing how big a deal this post actually is and how fortunate it is for Generation Bass to be so well associated with Matthew Shell. He had a featured article on Grammy.Com as an exclusive first listen. This is something quite hard to come by. I’m also sure that after this article here we will see a lot of traffic and Facebook likes due to the popularity. Basically if you haven’t heard about him then your knowledge of the modern RnB scene is not as strong as you might have thought, but that is okay, he is friendly and caring and more than happy to share his music productions with all of you.

To say I lucked onto becoming friends with Matthew Shell is also a massive understatement. What other luck that comes with the friendship is a deep respect and exclusive information that I am chosen to share before anyone else. To be privy to his new productions is an incredible honor for me. I even was asked to help choose between masters of his new single (which were mastered by Emily Lazar, the Foo Fighters mastering engineer).

I am fortunate for being given the respect to have first dibs at sharing a video featuring his new single Genesis from his upcoming album to be released this summer titled VictoriousGenesis will be officially released this Thursday the 25th of April.

379295_10151390751138890_865762452_nThe beauty of this new project is the eclectic group of musicians and producers from around the world who are involved in it. The bass player Teo Lee shared his wonderful first hand story of the creation of Genesis via his own personal blog. It is truly lovely and I ask kindly for you to give it a read and feel inspired by Teo’s own account. I was certainly moved. Read Teo’s blog post here.





Enjoy this lovely video privately shared to Generation Bass. See it here first and get the first taste of Genesis. (The official final music video will be up this Thursday)

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