Matthew Shell & Arun Shenoy Genesis Music Video & Full Victorious LP Review

A few days ago we brought you the sneak peek of Matthew Shell and Arun Shenoy’s new amazing single Genesis. We, or rather, I promised to post the track in its entirety on Thursday but fell ill and was unable to do much. However now I am in a better position to be able to share it with all of you. I appreciate your patience.

I also have a special treat added to this single, an exclusive preview of the entire LP Victorious! (Victorious is coming summer 2013)

First up here is the lovely single so many have fallen madly in love with. The video first presents the brilliant Raven MTX multitouch DAW controller explained by its developer the massively successful Steven Slate and then goes into the behind the scenes footage of the recording of the single Genesis.

I must say this is a truly soulful album. Every song besides being performed extremely well by top musicians and produced with superb expertise, all flow so sweetly together. I would say Victorious is a powerful gospel album devoted to the wonderful feeling of love when you find that special someone and how through their support and connection you reach a figurative state of heavenly euphoria.

Victorious is more than just a incredibly beautiful album, it is proof of how musicians and artists from around the world can now connect to record amazing music together without the limitations of location. I love when I come across projects like these. I first started thinking about how these projects will come to be a long time ago when we all first started connecting musically to each other through MySpace. I felt positive, in both senses of the word, that the future, which is now our present, would consist of some amazing projects that were simply not possible before. This is definitely the case with Victorious, which I would go as far as to state is a perfect example.

Each track doesn’t cease to surprise. I find it difficult to identify a genre to file the album under. Inside the gates of Victorious you will find jazz, fusion, soul, gospel and RnB, all of the highest caliber quality. If you wish to let yourself go freely into a world of love, passion and brilliant musicianship and songwriting, then Victorious honestly is your one stop to fulfill this desire.

As I’ve said many a time before, getting to know Matthew Shell and his work has been a blessing I never expected. It took less than thirty seconds of listening to one of his songs for me to be drawn in and hooked forever. Matthew Shell is… Well here is his short biography from the press release, which seems to explain enough to know he is very special:

Matthew Shell (MTS) is a Washington DC based music producer & engineer, recently featured on He has produced artists such as Marcus Johnson, Kenny Wesley, D2D, Carolyn Malachi, Kolten Perine, Greg Adams, Paul Jackson Jr. & Trey Eley. MTS has engineered for O.A.R. & has engineered & mixed for DJ Flexx, Free, Jeff Lorber, Marcus Mitchell, Gerald Albright, among others.

And here is a little bit about his partner on Genesis Arun Shenoy, who is someone I was fortunate to learn about due to Matthew Shell.

We are talking about Grammy nominated and recognized producers and musicians here, which comes to me as no surprise simply by listening to the productions. Many vocalists, musicians, engineers and producers were involved in the Victorious LP. The list is:

Vocal artists featured:

Kenny McNeil, Taurus Soul, G.P. Jackson, Javier Starks, Bomani Armah, Rufus Fly, Danielle Withers & Ama Atobrah.

Musicians featured:

Ian Cameron (Violin), Jonathan Anand Wesley (Keys, synthesizers & strings), Sebastian Wyrobisch (Drums), Vahagn Stepanyan (Piano, rhodes & synthesizers), Markus Huber (Bass), Teo Lee (Bass), Mr. Turner (Bass), Marcus Singleton (Synthesizers), Darrick Atwater (Drums, guitars & synthesizers), JONQ (Beat Box), Marcus Johnson (Keys), Greg Adams (Trumpet), Paul Jackson Jr. (Electric Guitar), Dominic Scott (Synthesized drums), Marcus Mitchell (Sax), Thomas Morris (Drums), Devin Spear (Electric Guitar), Cristina Botnari (Violin), Anastassia Ivanova (Piano) & Matthew Shell (Acoustic Guitar, Drums, Piano, Ambient Instrumentation, Bass & Synthesizers).

Arrangers, Producers & Engineers featured:

Arun Shenoy (Co-production & additional arrangement), Jonathan Wesley (Strings arrangement), Asaf Piotrekovsky (Strings arrangement), Matt Saba (Arrangement), Thomas Morris (Co-production & arrangement), Conrad Osipowicz (Additional engineering), Alexander Brusencev (Drum engineering), Darrick Atwater aka Agent Method (Production, engineering & mixing), Dominic Scott aka DomScott (Production & engineering), Pancho French (Vocal engineering) & Matthew Shell (MTS) (Production, engineering, arrangement & mixing).