I recently had the chance to meet artist Klipar during the release party event organized for his SHOUT EP in Paris by The Town and Overcooked Records.  Very nicely Klipar accepted to answer a few questions for Generation Bass, and even more kindly he provided us with a mixtape of the release party ! Check the free exclusive download link at the end of the article !

Klipar – Shout (Remixes by The Town, Jack The Hustler & Shooting Horses)

Generation Bass : How did you get from the decks to the production ? What motivated you ?

Klipar : It came out naturally. But I remember when I first started going to parties I was paying attention to all the different sounds on each track and I thought I could do that. And also when I first bought a decent computer.

GB : Was production a necessary step to get a better image and more visibility on the musical scene ?

K : Yes, specially if you wanna export your music and your vision about music.

GB : Could you tell us how music work in Portugal ?

K : Nowadays we kinda have everything going on. We’re getting a lot more media support, which was not happening long ago. New clubs are now everywhere and I think it has grown a lot these past years.

GB : When working on a track do you always try to get it a tropical flavour or is it something secondary ?

K : It’s a secondary thing. I always start my tracks fooling around with beats. I think that “tropical flavour” comes naturally.

Klipar – Do You Know – FREE DOWNLOAD –

GB : There was a very interesting release with Branko from Buraka Som Sistema. Do you intend to intensify your collab with him in the future ?

K : Don’t know, maybe. I’ve known him for a while now and we always shared some ideas and tracks. We never know the future but maybe we will collab again.


GB : Any other musical genres you would like to explore ? Are there actually any musical genres you try to get away because they might be too caricatural or not fitting the expectations of your audience ?

K : Not at the moment. I think I mix so many genres on my tracks that sometimes I don’t even know how to catalog them. But I dont care, I do what I’m feeling at the moment. I start something and if goes more “grimy” or if it goes “housy” I do not mind, as long as I’m happy with the result.

GB : What do think about the way your music is perceived by the musical press ?

K : I dont know. I believe I’m not exposed enough to tell you that. However, I’m happy I got support from a few local radios as well as blogs.

GB : As your music includes lots of percussions have you thought of a live band or being accompanied by musicians while you play ?

K : Yes I already thought about something like that, maybe in a near future I can start working on something.

GB : Could you tell us more about your last EP and the remixes of Jack the Hustler, Shooting Horses and The Town ?

K : What I can tell you is I couldn’t be more happy with the result. Love all the remixes! I’ve been playing them for a few months and all the remixes do great things on the dance floor. Must thank all the dj’s/producers involved on this, thank you.

Klipar is also one half of Zombies for Money with Dj Manaia

Steve Starks – Git Em (Zombies For Money Remix)

And for you readers, here’s the mixtape !

Klipar – Social Club x Generation Bass Mix

Here’s the link to the Download : http://www.mediafire.com/?31o0sdxffi14v4g

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