With smaller means of production, Terror Negro Records has proven that talent and passion surpass money and large publicity in the modern music industry. This small band of Peruvian brothers work, live and produce together to create truly astonishing nu cumbia and dub productions. I have exposed myself as a huge fan of TNR more than once, that is certain and provable, and I have no expectation to cease my support for them.

This time around we’re looking at  Loko Bonó the dubbiest perhaps of the TNR artists. His new album Dub Inna Mamayete`s was released just a short bit ago and I am proud of my fortune of being able to promote it here on Generation Bass after it’s release.

Mostly dub, Dub Inna Mamayete`s is a slightly dark sounding album. It is definitely, as is the case with all other TNR releases, a worthy album to spend some time with exploring.

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