Criolina is a collective from Brasilia and they promote the music of Brasilia.

Great, and what is this sound? Maybe you don’t ever listened any ghetto sound of brazilia, because there isn’t a ghetto there. It’s a planned city. This city is young, it don’t have even 50 years, so the people of there, aren’t from there. They are from others states and went to Brazilia to work there. So why I’m telling this? Because even to us, from São Paulo, is difficult to know about Brasilia.

But now we have a good demonstration of what they produce:

Mixing house music with brazilian styles, this SNLDL (space nigth love dance laser) is great pack of musics, using original instruments and influences of brazilian culture.

More than that, some musics has big influence of eletronic, creating a organic house music and creative sounds. Lambada Classe A start with instruments then receive a massive bass line. At end of it, you can hear again the instruments.

More than brazilian influence, it’s a very funny compilation to hear. You’ll discover instruments from brazilian music and some mix of carnaval culture. Carnaval isn’t just samba, and you can descover a little of it here.

There is a free download link of 320 album here -> Criolina

ps: they are open to receive free remixes!!

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