Pimentón – Electrocachengue – Generation Bass Exclusive

Art by Pepink Art

This week we fortunately received the long awaited album release from Buenos Aires own Pimentón! I have been waiting for this exciting new EP to be released for quite some time, ever since they first mentioned it to me. I love this band led by vocalist  Ivanna Colonna Olsen and featuring Generation Bass’ good friends Patricio Smink (eSmink) on percussion and Bret Schvartzman (Reptilian Commander) on synths and programming. Rounding out the band with the mids and low end is Juan Marnich on guitar and bass.

This band is definitely set for a good and long future if they continue on this path. They are excellent musicians and song writers and a prime example of the modern live Cumbia sound.

Their debut album Electrocachengue is really thought out and is of the highest quality production. The mastering was done by master producer Tropikore, which explains why the quality is so high. Also El Remolon had his hand in the production, especially with the last track La gata bajo la lluvia. We at Generation Bass see ourselves as very fortunate to debut this EP here.

Electrocachengue features some of the top players of digital cumbia in a live set up. Get it today!!!

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trans moomb

What the world will look like after we have conquered.  We promise a more just world for all.  Where you can all be free from the tyranny of EDM.  We promise peace and prosperity and and a kind of Cultural Bass where everyone is fairly represented and which will unite us all towards one dominant ideology. The ideology of Generation Bass.

The First Manifesto was started by me and it came out in February 2012 and you can still try to decipher its meaning by going HERE.

The Second Manifesto is by my Commander in Chief, Okulus Anomali, and it sets out the new battle plan for the New World Order.  Prepare to die for your cause!!!

^^ 🙂 Just bustin’ your balls…

Nah, this is the second mix in the Transnational Moombahton series and it’s one hell of a journey.  Okukus stamps his own ID onto this mix and takes us all over the world on his magic carpet and the thrill of the ride is totally awesome.

Transnational Moombahton Vol II mixed by Okulus Anomali (Generation Bass) by Okulus Anomali on Mixcloud

Look at this for a Tracklist:

Saul Williams – The 7th Octave (Underdubbed by The 13th Tribe)
$teveTellcO – SalamAlekoum Moombaharabia
Slavic soul Party – Opa Cupa (Stavros Ram Ram remix) SuperStereo Moombahon edit
Midget Ninjas – The Kirgudu Dance
Act Yo Age – Song for Nona(Coconut Wireless remix) Medis 110bpm edit
El Polen – Valicha (Chong X remix)
Banginclude – Oyemeilo
Stas – Sandy (Hataah’s Mijazhugy Cumbia Bass Mix)
A Tribe Called Quest – Find A Way (Pickster remix)
Okulus Anomali – MoombAnomali (Generation Bass)
Chong X & Sister Nancy – Moombah Bam Bam
Hataah X Gekkei – Soundbwoy Dead! (Moombahton Mix)
Chong X – La Bruja
Shazalakazoo – Chernobyl – Zica Memo(Gregor Salto Remix)
Shazalakazoo – Cyrillic (Neki Stranac edit)
Stas – Caravan
RednaXe1a – Air Ease (Stas Remix)
Hataah X Gekkei – Pullup Bass
Thornato – Capoeira
Carlos Barbosa, Blasterjaxx – Toca Flute(Sabo Moombahton Edit)
Teenage Mutants with Stereophils – Bangla (DJ Medis 110 redub)
Wildlife! – Drop It feat Ralpha
Voodoo Shaman – Trompeta Chicha
Kameronessi & Stas – Loobia
DJ SuperStereo – Moombalkan(Anthem)
Paty – Cavalo de Pau (Banginclude remix)
Spragga Benz – Pussy (Chong X remix)
Orlande – Fuck Them Haters
Padrino – Slap in the Bass(DJ SuperStereo remix)
Hoodie – Sagote
Javier Estrada – Poison Ivy
Chong X – Para Que
2M3LO – Dreams in Dusty Sands
Bro Safari & UFO – Savage Beauty
La Tirana Caravana – Tienes que bailar
SAV & Happy Colors – Calle Luna Calle Boom
Ding Dong – Bad Man Forward Bad Man Pull Up(Chong X & DJ MeSs Moombashment remix)
Lapo Numacrew – Savana Talking
Anton Kemmeren – Bhangraton
Puga – Naria
DJ SuperStereo & Stas – Saleika
Dice Beats – Kumbia Dembow
SuperStereo feat Szolga Jozsi – Goran in the Disco(Neki Stranac Moombahton Edit)
Bert On Beats – Piano Loco (Chong X remix)
Chong X – Danza del Fuego
Neki Stranac meets the Monks of Simonopetra Monastery – Exomologisthe To Kyrio
Chong X – Do It Now
Astro & Glyde – El Mariachi (Dr Kucho remix) Disgraceland Edit
Carlos Hayre y Su Orquesta – Me Gusta Boogaloo (Chong X remix)
Pablo Basel – San Pablo (Disgraceland Edit)
The 13th Tribe – Number Colour
DJ SuperStereo Edit – Sinanari
Kort – Tomorrow (Sabo Moombahton Edit)
Carter Family – Bury Me Under the Weeping Willow (Neki Edit)

Sarantis ft M.I.K 'Boss' Worldwide Video Premier


For me, one of the albums of the year thus far in dance music circles alongside the Dub Garbiel one we posted about a while back.

Sarantis has seriously killed it on this one taking in delicous Purple dollops of Footwork/Juke, Grime, Dancehall, Bashment and Trap. It’s an amazing and “consistent” collection of tracks that instills great hope in you for the future of UkBass/London Underground/whateva u wanna call it movemement.

“Consistency” being the operative word because most of the time dance albums are so awfully inconsistent and usually contain a few killers and mainly fillers but this one is a driller-killer all the way through, from start to finish.

Take a listen to the album here:

Grab it on Bandcamp cause you need it:

Read all about it:

Electric City is the new album from Sarantis out May 27th via Senseless Records. It takes it’s name from an imagined urban landscape caught somewhere between London and the dystopian sprawl imagined by John Carpenter, Warriors and other classic 80s sci-fi. The music takes audible cues from the soundtracks to those films; bold, raw synths and big drums reverberate but also a melting pot of musical styles ranging from motor city techno and electro funk through to cutting edge grime, bashment and footwork.

Vocal tracks come from Parly B (Mungo’s Hifi), South London’s rising grime star M.I.K. & Dialect, a renowned freestyle MC and regular guest on Westwood and 1Xtra.

Building on previous releases for Senseless, Black Acre and Chrissy Murderbot’s Loose Squares, on this LP Sarantis expands his sonic palette and allows all the inspiration and influence collected in the past half decade to breathe and expand. Starting out from his soundsystem roots in Leeds, UK, Sarantis has worked his way in to the record boxes of people like Skream, Brenmar, DMZ & Mary Anne Hobbs with a catalogue spanning six years and work with vocalists like Warrior Queen and Iration Steppas.

Watch a worldwide premier of the new amazing video for the single “Boss”:

JSTJR x Hataah – Bomboklat [ZOUK BASS]


JSTJR reckons he is from Nashua, New Hampshire, USA but actually the dude has been lying. He was born in Angola and is of African descent, not American, please don’t be fooled by his lies.

He is straight killing it atm in the Zouk Bass scene and here he teams up with Hataah from Hungary, another early starter on the Zouk Bass scene.

This track is a further indication of why the underground is going wild for this sound.

Hy Brazil Vol 2: New Experimental Music From Brazil 2013


Volume 2 of the series, we previously posted volume 1.  Funny that we’re mentioned on these things without knowing about them, nice tho’, we always like a mention.

Via RA

Hy Brazil Vol. 3: (More) Fresh Electronic Music From Brazil 2013, the latest in a series of Bandcamp-released compilations highlighting new electronic music in Brazil, has been released as a free download.

Hy Brazil is the work of Chico Dub, who curates Rio de Janeiro’s Novas Frequências festival and the São Paulo edition of Sónar. The compilations showcase the wealth and breadth of underground Brazilian electronic music; as Philip Sherburne put it in a recent Spin column about the first volume of Hy Brazil, “It’s an insider’s view, free of the typical favela-tourism clichés and favoring a more detailed cross-section of the country’s scene.”

Where the third compilation reveals more experimental strains of electronic music, the fourth will dig into MPB, or Brazilian Popular Music. As usual, Hy Brazil Vol. 3brings together 14 tracks by 14 artists you’re likely not familiar with, like São Paulo-based chipmusic project Droid-ON and akaaka, the work of Generation Bass contributor Lucas Fernandes. You can download the compilation now on SoundCloud.

Banginclude & Caballo – Zlow zick n zexy EP


The Zouk Bass experimentations continue to go on and here’s the latest release from these 2 dudes, which def ought to appeal to some quarters within the scene.

You already know Banginclude’s brilliant “Swerve” track as we posted it here a while back and those “bed-spring” sounds are still totally unique & a little humorous to my ear. He is joined by Caballo, producer and former blog writer here at Generation Bass from our very early days (and the first person I took under my wing as my first blog protege) who went on to bigger things and now blogs for Mad Decent.

Here’s what they say about their work:

Zouk Bass Inspired EP.

Collab with Caballo on Unga Marunga.

DOWNLOAD: http://bit.ly/13XkOua

‘Swerve’ – This one is def some dry hump on the dancefloor stuff. I clipped the shit out of the master to give it that tarraxo sound. If it’s too much lemme know.

‘Tippin” – Had to do it:-) – tarraxo beat w “TRVP” sounds… A bit of Zouk style percussion in there as well. Calling this one ‘Dirty Zouk’ style…Out now on Mal Dicen. Enjoy!

‘Unga Murunga’ – Collab with Caballo 

Had alot of fun with this one. I put the oversized build up in the middle because I thought it would be a good spot to put a ridiculous build up for no reason. Just trying to explore this lovely vibe named zouk bass/tarraxo…

MIDWEEK MIXXXTAPES: Uproot Andy / Your Boy Medison / MOMBASA!


F0Ck!!!  I have been so behind with these mixxxtape postings.  sorry yall…   Well, I got 3 NICE ones this week.  First up is a fresh mix from the homie Uproot Andy.  If you’re on your “P’s and Q’s” then Andy needs no introduction and you may have checked this mix already, in one month on soundcloud it has an astounding 50,000 plays!  Andy is one of the absolute masters of the Tropical Bass genre and the fact that he can compile a DOPE 55 minute mix of all his own remixes is a true testament to that.  I especially like the brief forays into Arabic pop, Bhangra and Zouk!!  Que Bajo pa vida weon!


Next up is a feel good “spring” mix from my boy, Your Boy Medison.  Usually I know Medison to be playing some Dubstep, Future Bass and all sorts of other weird post-Trappy type stuff (check his fall mix), so it’s super refreshing to hear him come with this really happy, accessible Nu-Disco mix.  It’s definitely a really nice vibe for the good weather, if you seeing good weather try it out!!!  (oh and the track list for this mix is over on his mixcloud where u can find the mix as well, voila!)


Lastly here is a new mix from MOMBASA! NYC, thats me and DJ Tiger.  Not to toot my own horn but this might be my favorite MOMBASA! mix to date.  Tiger has always been a UK Funky head and when we made this mix brought me all these gems, we tooled around and threw this one together.  Funky House, Tropical Bass, Dancehall into Trap.  Thats it!  But make sure you listen all the way to the end cause the last song is a real heater from my lil’ homie BAS who is gonna blow the funk up in 2013, mark my words, YALLA!!!

Peace in the middle EAST

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DeeP In ZouK Space Mix

Zouk spcae 2

To celebrate reaching 8000 followers on Soundcloud and over 2000 on Mixcloud, I thought I’d drop this new mix. It focuses on my current obsession, Tarraxinha and Zouk Bass and rounds off with some Portugese Bass music.

I think it is quite a feat getting to 8000 followers on soundcloud and I’m not sure how it has happened. Of course in reality it doesn’t really prove anything except that a lot of people from all around the world actually dig my mixes, which I still record Live in the old skool way on CDJ’s with no post-editing.  I actually didn’t even know until most recently that people put in a lot of post-editing work on their mixes, no wonder they usually sound perfect.  For me though, it’s all about flow and spirit and that is usually captured in the good old way, Live! It is always less than perfect but for me it is always more real.

So with this mix I tried to go in a different route to most of the Zouk Bass mixes out there atm and opted for a deeper feel and vibe and focused on the stuff that I personally find most exciting in this new movement.


To UMBfinity And BeyUMB….

“The DROP ain’t coming Brah!!

Artwork by Steve Ohh
Mastered by Celt Islam


1. Lx Monkeys Beatz – Tarraxo [White]
2. Lx Monkeys Beatz – Tarraxo Filme De Terror [White]
3. DJ BeBeDeRa – FOdenCia TaraDinha [White]
4. DJ BeBeDeRa – Pai do Tarraxo Tremó Suculentado [White]
5. DJ 2PeKes – Deep in Zouk Bass [Generation Bass]
6. DJ 2Pekes – Txillo [Generation Bass]
7. saBBo – Slow Hello [Forthcoming Generation Bass]
8. JSTJR – Badman [Generation Bass]
9. KJs – Ziren [White]
10. saBBo – Sea Side [Forthcoming Generation Bass]
11. Red Milk – Pickaplum [white]
12. JSTJR – Cerveja [Generation Bass]
13. Riot – Keep On [Echufada]
14. Reptilian Commander – Rito Do Repteis [White]
15. Chaikov & Lee Bass – Uknown Zouk Riddim [White]
16. Lx Monkeys Beatz – Wazebele [White]
17. Lx Monkeys Beatz – Zen [White]
18. Lx Monkeys Beatz – Coca Da Boa [White]

Filastine : Looted


Another great release here from Filastine where he brings in a bunch of remixers to flip the lid on tracks taken from his recent album Looted and the remixes go all over the place from trap, dubstep, bollywood, juke through to dancehall.

Take a listen & download the mini-mix:

My personal fave of the remixes being the one by The Clerk, which incidentally you can grab for free from his Bandcamp:

Here’s the PR:

A year ago Filastine released £00T, his third thesis of outernational urban sound, to huge critical acclaim. The album came with award-winning video clips, a contraband utopian currency, and a hundred-city tour across Europe, Asia, North America & the Middle East.

To bring £00T closer to the dancefloor we invited a gang of creative producers from across the world to tear up the album. LOOTED is a deep journey into an uncharted sound between trap, dubstep, bollywood, juke, dancehall, and a dozen forms of more traditional music. We at Post World Industries don’t love borders – not between lands, not between people and definitely not between musics. The remixers share our philosophy, delivering up a broad selection of bass music; the only unifying themes might be adventurousness, hyper drums, and tremendous amounts of low-end pressure.

Circulate False Notes is not just a song title, but a call to counterfeit, to sabotage unjust economies, to invent new systems of exchange.

In this spirit we enlisted Spain’s least-favorite bank in a unique collaboration for the cover art. A Bankia teller was given a fistfull of £00T bills for deposit, she refused and instead put the notes through the paper shredder, we used photo of this “remix” for the vinyl sleeve.

Here also is a video compilation of a 2 year World wide tour taking in Festivals and Venues that supported him in Asia, Australia, Oceania, Europe, USA and Canada.

All images are from £00T Tour 2012-2013. Travel footage from Filastine’s mobile phone. Concert footage from Barcelona, Ubud, Paris, Utrecht & Istanbul. Montage by Xavier Artigas.