To hear something new from Calavera Calavera is truly a joy for me. Last year I simply couldn’t get enough of their LP The Fearless Vampire Killers. One might recall that album being on my top 12 Albums of 2012 list last year. Well now they are back, once again sharing a darkness one normally doesn’t associate with sunny Madrid, where they reside.

The new Calavera Calavera EP is interestingly titled Come And Dance With Us Forever And Ever. This EP differs a lot from their last album. There isn’t a strong underlying theme like last time and it doesn’t hit as hard, but it does keep their unique fusion of styles that they go in and out of unexpectedly. Come And Dance With Us Forever And Ever is more dance friendly. so on that note the title is not misleading. Weaving through dubstep, electro, moombahton and just feel good dance music, they fuse the genres brilliantly as I expected based on their past work.

There are four tracks and each one quite different from the rest. I think this EP clearly showcases Calavera Calavera’s unique approach to these modern dance genres. Come And Dance With Us Forever And Ever is more than worthy of your time. Calavera Calavera continues to be different and creative without it appearing to be the intention, the creativity is honest and humble, and it really shows.

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