jasondecairestaylor timebombs
Time Bomb by Jason de Caire Taylor
Depth 6m, MUSA Collection, Punta Nizuc, Mexico.

Smooth lake, that to me seemed another sky, so clear so pure, and though rich in shades. We’ve got a lot of biutiful music to have you listen to ! Some are to be released, some are already, but all the tracks are kicking ! Read, listen&enjoy !


You/Me EP [Vinyl out 13/05/13 Digital 27/05/13]

Expected with great impatience this six-track EP released on Diamond & Raw Records is promising of quality and sensitivity.

A blend of deep house and juked seapunk, the prods develop a beautiful atmosphere.

The synth are gritty and thick, the beats complex but not invading. A superb work.

We only regret that this EP includes only two originals tracks, that saying the remixes are sincerely great.

London based producer iO Sounds steps up for Diamond & Raw’s second release. Drawing inspiration from a diverse spectrum of electronic music iO Sounds has crafted a sound which is uniquely fresh.

The EP is a blend of warm chords, warped vocals and futuristic house beats, and features a substantial remix package. Mak & Pasteman and Forget Me Not provide hefty dance floor remixes of the title track, while Laksoa slows down the vibe with his deep house remix of Dirty Little Secret on the B-side. The digital release also contains a further remix, with Ado giving the track a squelchy electro makeover.

From the website.

The EP will be released on vinyl on the 5th of May and online on the 27th. This should be interpreted as a lovely gesture to vinyl lovers !

On Diamond&Raw Records’ SC you’ll find also two beautiful ambient tracks freely downloadable :



If you explore more you’ll certainly stumble onto the BoxettesFree track sweet remix by Forget Me Not and Bonobo’s Recurring remixed by Seath.




Though i thought i could afford not to mention the first free release of Tricky, this second one however deserves more attention. It’s not going to outmatch the tunes of Maxinquaye or Millenium, no, but it’s good enough to have you browse all vinyls/cds/wavs/whatever and play all your favorite tune of the artist.

Tricky – ‘Tribal Drums’ feat Francesca Belmonte & Tristan Cassell

SB-Six Need2Be

This track is one the purest pristine sound i’ve heard. Very ambient sound inbetween future garage and seapunk.

The whole EP is available for a small price so if you wanna support the artist by buying his music…

I would also recommend you to drop an ear onto his EP Brighter Days, released in June last year.


Following up on Asa’s standout debut release, Bokeh Music presents their second installment, courtesy of Temporal. This young talent’s mature take on the Chill Out and Future Garage sound has been turning heads, opening opportunities alongside artists such as Veela, Bijou, and Tulpa to name only a few. On the Lost Sounds EP, this Canadian producer delivers four tracks, lush with warm basslines and soothing melodies sure to launch listeners into a calm bliss.

From the website.

The EP is composed of four original tracks, strongly marked with a chillwave, deepstep ambience. The originality of the production certainly comes from the use of mysterious oriental voices, oscillating between Indian enchantment and echoes of old gospel sang by chained slaves. You can already get your hands onto that biutiful work as it was released on the 25th of March.


Released in October last year this vocalled (and original) version of Tinderbox couldn’t get on the EP for sample clearance purpose.
Asa & Stumbleine – Tinderbox (Vocal Mix)

This track comes from free HERE !


EvenS is a Nowegian young producer who has a very bad opinion of himself. I strongly suggest you give him some support as he really deserves it.
EvenS – Corresponding Society [Free]

EvenS – Causality [Free]

EvenS – Ephemeral [Free]

Using cycling voices and thick gritty sounds. Most of the tracks are based on a minimal layout with a melody changing slightly from one chord to another, with a richer layer added on top and clear piano lines are usually close to perfection balancing the heavily compressed oppressing subbass.

As we mentioned Stumbleine, EvenS did a lovely remix of one of his tracks. And the result is fairly pleasant !

Stumbleine – The Corner Of Her Eye (EvenS Remix)


This artist released last year a really interesting EP called Blurrywonder on Void Youth which is according to them a wannabe record label/artist collective currently extending from Toronto to Virgina to Tokyo.

The music is very excentric, exciting, full of joyful electronic melodies completing high pitched R&B style vocals. I definitely recommend you to have a listen. Some might hate, some others will certainly love ! You can buy the music and get hi-quality files or download for free the tracks in lower format.


Electronic I – One Dream

I love this strong end of the 80’s atmosphere, fiercely cheesy, egotistic and grandiose as the cinema of that time was trying to be : deep, thoughtful but with big explosions at the end. Really reminds me of me as a kid listen to old movie soundtrack tapes on my crappy player. I think an instrumental version of the track would have been perfect, but well…


Blvck Ceiling – Gone

Grimes – Genesis – (Blvck Ceiling remix)

This track without totally departing from the noticeable features of Black Ceiling shows more maturity and more dynamism. I’m not a fan of all the prods, merely because of the recurring synth patch, but this has the right feeling.

And here’s the “old” track !!! Javan Dee‘s remix of Elsiane’s Final Escape reworked by Dantini. Some of you might prefer the original but i kinda like the agressivity of the wobbling synth used in Dantini’s rework.

And to finish a short mixtape that covers some of the tracks blogged in the Biutiful Miusic chronicles :

djoudesmile - Copielove underwater mixtape #02

tiger feather

Artwork photograph comes from Jason de Caire Taylor website, you’ll find more of this somptuous beauty there : underwatersculpture

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