Yes, the beautiful adventure continues and we are proud to present you two episodes of this great project, both in Panama !

Rehabilitation through music: Making beats in a Panamanian prison

Gamboa, Panama – Join Professor Pierce Freelon and producer Apple Juice Kid on a Field Trip to the rain-forests of Panama. They make a beat at a prison called Centro de Rehabilitacion El Renacer; with Professor Angel Sound – an incarcerated DJ who was blackmailed into muling cocaine for the Nigerian mafia – and his fellow inmate, who has an appetite for marconi and cheese. The “Prison Beat,” produced by Angel Sound and Apple Juice Kid at a studio called RAM, or Rehabilitacion a Traves de la Musica (rehabilitation through music), was created by found sounds around the studio/prison cell, which included audio samples of a leaky faucet, clicking handcuffs, guitar paying, and vocals. The collaboration is part of an ongoing Beat Making Lab experiment called “Field Trip,” where Freelon and Apple Juice Kid take their Beat Making Lab (mobile-studio) from the community centers where they are housed, to make beats in unlikely places. An upcoming Senegal Field Trip takes place at a health care facility.
Music from Panama Beat Making Lab, including a remix of the Prison Beat will appear on No Puede Conmigo – a free EP that premieres on Mad Decent on May 10. No Puede Conmigo EP features original songs written and produced by the youth of Portobelo, Panama and Apple Juice Kid as well as several remixes by guest producers. (from the PR)

Prison Beats

In this first video we see Apple Juice Kid and Pierce Freelon interviewing and making beats with talented Professor Angel Sound and two of his fellow inmates.

Angel”s words :

– ‘Working with Beat Making Lab was a refreshing experience, for the first time a group of people from the outside came inside the Prison to work in the new studio at R.A.M. program in El Renacer, Pierce Freelon and Apple Juice Kid are very good guys, amazing vibes and full of creativity, thanks to Khevin De Leon, a.k.a. The 13th Tribe colaborator of the program, and mutual friend is responsible of the conection and therefore of the whole experience. Im thankfull to all for the oportunity to show the world what we are doing here and to let people know why I ended up in here

AJk”s words :

My friend Khevin aka The 13th Tribe who I met years ago in Glasgow, Scotland hooked me up with Prof Angel Sound when I told him we were going to Panama with the Beat Making Lab. Khevin insisted that I make some music with Angel, and I am so happy I took the road trip to Gamboa where Angel has made this beautiful studio in a prison where I did not expect beauty.I was extremely surprised to find such a vibrant space, community and a positive energy. It is awesome to see the studio Angel has worked hard for, and the high quality of music and equipment that Angel has secured. Once you get past the barbed wire gate and the guards with handcuffs, there is a tropical forest surrounding the prison, with an amazing studio blasting unique creations by Angel and the other prisoners. The vibe was great and Angel made us feel very comfortable. We of course wish we were in the free world with him and the other inmates, but considering their situation, to me it seemed like they were making the best of it.’

BONUS Video Prof. Angel Sound Interview

In Prof. Angel Sound’s interview you get to know the story about the man, who he is and how he ended up in jail.

The name should ring you a bell as he has produced lots of beautiful moombahton beats over the last two years (at least).

Professor Angel Sound – Strange dances

Professor Angel Sound – Oye-como-moom-bah


First Leak from the No Puede Conmigo EP from Panama Beat Making Lab:

 Beat Making Lab – Diablos [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Diablos was created in a Beat Making Lab at La Escuelita del Ritmo and inspired by festival de los Diablos y Congos. Watch the music video for Diablos here:

I posted about this as a comment as our article was already published but, the guys from Beat Making Lab officially offer you to remix the music played by Martin the young accordion player ! Best remixes will get rewards !


FIRST PLACE PRIZE: Free SoundCloud Pro Unlimited  Account (top two runners up get a free SoundCloud Pro account)

There are two rules to the Beat Making Lab Panama challenge:

1. Make a trap beat sampling a Panamian accordion (see below).
2. Upload your beat to soundcloud and tweet (@beatmakinglab) us the link with the hash tag #PanamaChallenge by May 1st.
3. The best beat maker will win a free SoundCloud Pro Unlimited account (learn more here) and their beat appear on a free Panama Beat Making Lab EP released by Mal Dicen x Latino Resiste x ARTVSM. Check out our Congo EP on Mad Decent. Download the sample below and check out some remixes after the video!

Here some of the remixes already done !


We also remind you that Post World Industries released a digital album to raise funds for Professor Angel Sound. Listen&buy if you want to show your support to the man and his work !

GO is remixed by a dozen of the globe’s most potent bass music producers: from the epileptic dancefloor mindfuck of Munchi (NL), to the hard dub-wise refix of Max Powa (AT), with equally next-level contributions from Kosta Kostov (DE/BU), The 13th Tribe (UK/CL), Le Freak Selector (AR/ES), Caballo (CO/CA), Bigote (ES), Al Lindrum (DK/ES), Los Chicos Altos (DE/UK/ES), Lata (CL), Reactable Global Sound (ES), Al Pacheco (MX) and ICS (CZ). Compilde by Dj Mata Hari , Barcelona. 

Ironically López is serving his sentence in a prison named “El Renacer,” which means the rebirth. This release marks the rebirth of the artist under his new alias of Professor Angel Sound. It is also the rebirth of our record label, Post World Industries, formerly run by Filastine, expanded now as a partnership with DJ Mata Hari. We are here to produce and distribute media against monoculture.

All the profits from this release go to equip the behind-bars music studio of Professor Angel Sound.

From the website.

Many, many thx to Khevin de Leon who helped a lot into completing this post !



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