If you’re like me when you find yourself driving very long distances (like 15+ hours) with no one to talk to, you end up going insane looking into your life. For me that was scary, I don’t want to come face to face with myself. For those who don’t know what it is like, imagine living in the past, present and future all at once, but all pertaining to your life. So basically it is insanity. Many thoughts swim around your mind all at once. You’ll find yourself saying “Damn I gotta get my shit together,” more than once.

But I also start thinking that maybe I come off wrong about Obama. I was somewhere between Amarillo, Texas and Tucumtari, New Mexico around ten in the evening, Amarillo being an actually nice little city with perhaps the best classic rock radio DJ I’ve ever heard, Tucumtari being a place no one in their right mind would ever want to stop in. Tucumtari is a place where bad things go to die. (Seriously don’t stop there if you ever come near it. Just go to the next city or town to get fuel. It’s not worth it. It is a dreadful place. In my adult life I’ve stopped there two times. And the first time I thought to myself that if I was suicidal, this would be the place to end it. It’s that awful. Regardless of what all the teasing billboards say about the charm of Tucumtari and how it is a great place to visit, don’t do it). With a head full of time released morphine teamed up with a few Soma muscle relaxers and a Percocet, not only is it dangerous to be driving in such a way but it’s also a crazy experience having imaginary walls popping up coming in and out of existence at incredible speeds – hallucinations I suspect brought on by the Soma’s. I couldn’t help it though because I had a four-millimeter calcium stone trying to enter my bladder, I needed to stop the pain somehow (that’s my excuse). Still though I can drive through the imaginary walls with ease, knowing that they are of course, in fact imaginary.

There somewhere between those two cities way out in the desert, alone, already driving about six hours, I realized that publicly I appear to be too hard on Obama. It is his performance as a President that I have problems with. And that’s a good thing, because we need to keep these people in check. I am the same exact way with every President we’ve had since I was able to form my own opinions. The flack non-Obama supporters get is often due to his race. We are accused of racism. The race card is the ender of all arguments. It’s such an easy card to throw down and an easy way out of any opposition. I’m here to say that in my case, the only case I can truly defend, for I am the only person I truly know, and even then not all that well, racism is most definitely not the case. I thought about Obama and the things I like about him. Besides being an excellent speaker and a very intelligent person (a gift considering our last President) but he is the most attractive, no, I dare say, the sexiest President we’ve ever had. And that is an undisputed fact. I like Obama physically. He has a low booming voice and a beautiful high register singing voice, which is always such a rarity. The man can sing! I was mad when he sang Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together.” Mad because I didn’t want to admit that the man could sing. But in my defense also mad because charming tactics often over shadow deviant and tyrannical behavior. This thought occurred, just to make it more impactful, while listening to the new Kelly Clarkson song. It wasn’t my fault, the only station I could pick up was an Armarillo college radio station. So I did what I had to do, I blasted Kelly Clarkson while thinking homosexual thoughts about the President of the United States of America.

And that was my gay moment of the week!

Now to the unrelated cumbia.

A deep cumbia-dub appears this week courtesy of the now named Dr. Paniko. I love the name and the vibes in this one.

This one is mine. I shelfed it for a while but finally got around to finishing it up.

This is really cool from Andres Digital. It goes all over the place but maintains a really good vibe and flow. Good on you Andres Digital.

Oh man Turbo Sonidero Futuristico nailed it with his new cumbia mix! There are some excellent tracks on this one. You should really consider downloading it.

Real Cumbia Activa (RCA) is a new project with Albert DJ, Awustin Sound System, Fake Moustache and 420 Music Flavor. They are putting out some really dope tunes lately. Give them a listen and see what you think. You can expect to hear a lot more from them in the near future.

I am six months late on this next one, but better late than never. Soulphonetics has a really awesome name. But the awesomeness doesn’t stop there, it carries on over into their music.

No one quite does it like Dengue Dengue Dengue! Watching these guys grow and rise in popularity has been a wonderful pleasure for me. Soon I will share all the remixes produced by their fans, but for now let’s visit DDD!’s new remix of their Peruvian influences Los Mirlos song “Chinito en Onda.”

Oh also keep an eye out for their upcoming European tour dates now that they recently signed with Chusma Records.

Folcore Netlabel returns with an excellent new EP called Cumbia de Piedra by Jhon William Castaño. With remixes by El Timbe and Rafael Aragon this EP is quite lovely indeed. The original track is right up my alley when it comes to melancholic cumbia. Here is the official track followed by El Timbe’s take on it.

Download the full EP here.

Our boy DJ Neber appears here on SSC again. He can’t stay away; or rather I can’t help but to share every one of his tracks as he releases them. DJ Neber is too much fun.

Santos is another act to keep an eye out for. I have their single off their soon to be released album. Their sound is quite unique. They have a cumbia digital sound that I love and simply cannot get enough of.

I was about to post this mix last week but I wanted to save it for this week and to be honest I can’t remember why I made that decision. I think it is a great mix, really great actually. I love Empresarios and it’s good to have them on here this weekend. This is a mix that was performed on Colliderscope Radio – a show new to me.

Wrap your mind around this experimental remix for a few minutes It’s by Ato TeesVaan, new to SSC.

3ball giant Sheeqo Beat brought this new song to my attention. It is by Monterrey resident Morenito de Fuego and this is a single of his new solo album Zombi.

A very wild mashup by 42o Selektah just dropped by not long ago. It’s actually a pretty neat new take on El General’s classic “Tu Pum Pum.”

This week’s Sexxy Saturday Cumbia is a big one. But I feel I chose some really great tracks to share with you cumbia heads, my dear cumbia heads.


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