Simply brilliant are the two words I would use to describe Grammy nominated musical genius Arun Shenoy’s album Rumbadoodle, if two words were my limit and only choice. However fortunately for me this is not the case so I will gladly go further into explaining why it is so simply brilliant.

You might recall the name Arun Shenoy from a recent review I had written for Matthew Shell’s single Genesis. Arun is the incredibly talented arranger and composer on the single. Based in Singapore, Arun Shenoy travels the globe recording and producing music with various extremely talented musicians. I mention Grammy nominated not by mistake, for this is the absolute truth. Arun was nominated at the 55th Annual GRAMMY® Awards held on Feb 10, 2013 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles for best pop instrumental album. This nomination was made rather wisely because the album nominated is, as I said, simply brilliant.

Beyond the Grammy nomination Arun is also a Breedlove artist, a showcase artist of SONY for their audio production suite, and also endorses PreSonus, the premier American manufacturer of live and studio sound equipment. So we are in the presence of some serious business here.

The album Rumbadoodle was no easy album to produce. It took many years to record, which was done all over the world. When I say all over the world I mean it. I am saying it was recorded in Spain, Pakistan, the United Kingdom, Canada, India, Los Angeles and New York. The music on the record fuses traditional music with new modern sounds with Gypsy Rumba Flamenco as the basis. It is marvelous and well worth your time. Arun’s productions skills are very apparent with the recordings and compositions, they pretty much speak for themselves. But his skill with the violin is what stands out to me most. Within the first two notes you will be immediately drawn in to the music and it won’t let you go, which you will find will be much to your pleasure.

Below I have the complete album streaming along with his music video for his song The Violin Song.

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