I find it strange that a lot of people seem to be fascinated by the recent ArabTronix mixtapes I dropped and the reactions to them have far exceeded my expectations. That’s because I started out as a DJ in a club dropping a lot of the tracks on those 2 ArabTronix mixes back in 2004/2005 and the reaction back then was great too but I didn’t expect to have the same reaction years later.

The most surprising thing though is that a lot of those tracks still sound as fresh, relevant and as bangin’ as they did back then. In fact, they are still some of the best electronic Arabic tracks around!

I think a new generation of Electronic Arabic music is starting to brew with dudes like Acid Arab doing some very interesting stuff and I’m looking forward to seeing how it all unfolds.

With this mix,  I choose to go a different route.  ArabTeK, as the name implies, goes for a more Housey/Tech vibe and is more straight four-on-the-floor than the ArabTronix mixes, which were more varied in genre scope.

There’s a couple of tracks on this mix that have been a staple addition to my record bag for years and they hold great memories.

One track is memorable for causing a stage invasion at a Drop Beats Not Bombs Block Party event that I did in my home city back in 2006. We were hosting a stage under some Railway Arches near The Rainbow in Birmingham. I started playing and mayhem ensued with the stage being engulfed with people going a bit nutz to an Arabian track I dropped.

Another track brings back fond memories of an event we did at the Essouira Festival in Morocco. We were playing outside this cafe between Festival stages, out in the open, hoping to attract people as they were walking between stages.

A couple of DJ’s were on before me and nothing much was really happening and people were just walking past and paying no attention or just sitting around. So I went on and I thought I have to do something about this and so I dropped my first track and a few girls jumped up and started dancing as though they had been possessed by the Devil himself. Within 10 minutes there were about 300+ people going absolute nutzo. So I guess the Arabian vybz worked on that ocassion too. Indeed I can’t ever remember the Arabian vibes ever failing me, they always worked for me.

This mix came about after my dude and our resident Digital Cumbia expert, El Güero Único, asked me to do him an Arabic Mix for his brilliant Radio show The Global Bass Experience.

I kindly obliged with this and I hope you enjoy it.

You can grab the Radio Clean Version via my soundcloud or alternatively you can download the Radio Version that captures El Guero’s dulcet tones in the intro 🙂

Artwork – Hannah Habibi – http://www.hannahhabibi.com/

Mastered by Celt Islam

Go to The Global Bass Experience website to read what El Guero has to say about the mix.

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