Our dude Dub Gabriel who just released one of our albums of 2013, “RaggaBass Resistance” which we wrote about HERE has just dropped this awesome mixtape.

Here’s what he says:

In the world of Electronic Music, genres have become a dime a dozen. But as far back as the early days of Techno, House, and Jungle, Producers have not only explored the foundations that came out of Detroit & Germany, but have also developed an allegiance of followers that have been chasing the roots of Digital Dub, Reggae, & Dancehall by the likes of King Tubby, Jammy, and Steely & Cleevie. Drawing on the foundations by mixing sound system culture with dance music culture they gave rise to productions that for the most part have outlived the genres they were packaged in. So when I thought of the term Raggabass, it was intended to be both a tribute and an evolution of that legacy. Choosing not to be pigeonholed by a BPM, but instead interweaving the stylistic connections of modern roots music, this first volume is a mixture of new tracks and essential selections from the last few

DUB GABRIEL – RAGGABASS MIXTAPE VOL. 1 by Dubgabriel on Mixcloud


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