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With the weather warming up in the Northern Hemisphere I am starting to prepare my mind for the harsh dry months ahead of me here in the Southwestern desert. Along with the heat comes a lot of pool time. I’m a pool person. If there is a pool then I will be in it. There is something great about sharing a stagnant body of water with a lot of other people, some I know and in many cases, many I don’t. I’m not sure what that “something great” is but it has to be something and great in order to make me love it.

The summer also makes me think of things I hate, like the band Sublime. I never was a fan and couldn’t pin point why. Until very recently that is. I finally figured out why I don’t like them… It’s douche-bag reggae! That’s it! It was right in front of me. Maybe not in other countries but in the United States the super fans of Sublime are recognizable by certain characteristics, those consisting of bros, I mean brah’s with tribal tattoos, thin trim beards that outline their jaw, cargo shorts and muscle shirts. Another tactic for spotting these brah’s is if a DJ, jukebox or radio plays a Sublime song in public, the brah’s cannot resist singing along at the top of their lungs, even if it takes valuable time away from them slipping a date-rape pill into a girl’s drink. If I saying this offends you then you probably are one of these people, in which case I really don’t care.

Another thing I love about the hotter months is how well cumbia goes along with them. Cumbia delivers the perfect vibe for such a season. Poolside, parties and even after parties, cumbia delivers the right vibes perfectly.

To start things off I chose a few tracks that Sublime would have loved their music to be even a fifth as good as. These tracks capture a perfect vibe for kicking back and if you feel the desire, to smoke out too on a scorching hot summer night.

Pita Wilona delivers the first cumbia spliff.

I still can’t get enough of FeroZMonas. This guy messes with my head and truly experiments deeply with nu cumbia in very cool ways.

Philthy Dronez deals us a sick cumbia chronica featuring Turbo Sonidero Futuristico breaks.

New to SSC, Insane B-One brings us a Biggie tribute in his own way and in a cumbia style. Hypnotize truly messes with my brain with this edit.

I found a lot of tracks on this new mixtape by Dany F that I must have missed these past recent months, not all, but a lot of them I missed out on. I’m glad he delivers them to me to deliver out to all of you.

We hear from Cumbirichi again, it’s been a little while but I’m glad to have him back here and with his new Rude Boy Cumbia!

Cumbia Dub Club also known as Petardo is a good friend representing cumbia in Germany but soon will return to Peru to play in the barrios where cumbia is royalty. Petardo put together this cool little mini mix and even started it with my newest song, which was surprising at first and I am grateful for.

Two more mixes come here and they are both excellent and different from each other.

First with Piska Power, he selected some really excellent tracks for this mix featuring some of the biggest names in modern nu cumbia along with old legends.

The second mix comes from BN Loco. It has been a very long time since I’ve posted something here by BN Loco. It’s really cool that I get to do it again now. His mix is funky, as he fills it up with moombahton and cumbia.

I finish this week’s post with a dope new track by DJ Negro Dub. I strongly suggest downloading this one because it will tear up any dance floor if you play it. This is really nice courtesy of DJ Negro Dub.

That does it this weekend mis cumbieros. I hope you all have a great weekend and coming week. For those of us in the north, wear sunblock, drink lots of water and get wet (in a pool or other body of water. Don’t think so nastily). And for those in the south, bundle up and keep warm.


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