You know I rarely bitch or gossip on this blog or even talk about political shit, cause I’d rather talk about the music and save all that bs for my FB page cause that is all FB is really good for.

But I feel so outraged by this cover above and the name of the EP that I discovered yesterday and I had to say something very base and instinctive about my feelings towards it.

I also wanted to say something very base and instinctive about the wanky blogs who are applauding “Dim” Mak and TAI the Plonka for pulling the release and apologizing.

My response is as base and instinctive as the the cover artwork, title and the sheer nerve they had to release it.

Well you know what “Dim” Mak and TAI – F**k your apology, it’s too late, you should have thought of all of this before you even considered having the racist gall to think up something like this, nevermind actually releasing it.

And F**k all those blogs who are trying to white-wash this issue away with the acceptance of their idiotic apologies.  I couldn’t give a F**k if they withdrew the release and apologized, the damage has been done!

This is neo-imperialism and racism at its worst and it is unacceptable and unforgivable, regardless of their intentions because with a cover and title like that, I can’t see how anybody could think there was some other intention/message to it.

There is going to be a permanent boycott from me of anything to do with “Dim” (yes they are very dim) Mak and TAI who suffers with a (Terrible Anal Infliction).

Apologies to our readers, not for my outburst, but for publishing this cover and title again.

EDM = Exceptionally Dumb Move!




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