Cool free compilation here focusing on Dub from Brazil!

Here’s what they say:

Fresh Poulp Records is proud to launch a new set of compilation to celebrate the Dub scene of a particular country around the world. What is more obvious than starting this first « Poulp Up ! » in Brazil. It has been a while that, not only musically but also graphically, we have worked with Brazilian artists like Dubalizer, Andreia Dacal, Dom Lampa and more recently with artists from Noudrags label that we can hear on this compilation (Ecoalaize, Boss Bass, D-Solution & Alienação Afrofuturista). This is a Dub, and even roots Dub, orientated compilation including the unmissable Dub Movement, Dub Majestic and Buguinha Dub as well as introducing a couple of very nice discoveries, Adwa Dubs and Zambi of U-Dub 420 Sound System. Finally, the first Fresh Poulp Souk System track is part of this compilation as a great bonus. Next destination for this world tour, Mexico. See you in September !

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