Okayafrica is one of our fave blogs and they post loads of great features and music from that great continent.

We also get a lot of support from them and we’re very pleased to be able to give it back too. Plus, how can you not support this when you have Fela Kuti playing in the background and a great range of merchandize.

In support of our Okayafrica clothing line we are proud to present “Shop Motion: Okayafrica”. A 30 second short showing all our graphic Okayafrica t-shirts glide, tut, pop and lock themselves into a neat pile. Check how our African-made and Africa-inspired Copper Man, Punk Fela, Semi-Sacred Geometry, Kiss Me I’m African, Dan Nguere, and Shaman Lion designs dubstep their fine selves into your life, just like that.

Okayafrica quite simply represents Africa’s New Wave; with more than half the population in many African nations under 25, the bright continent is currently undergoing an explosion of vibrant new music, fashion, art and political expression. Okayafrica is the multi-faceted hub capturing the spirit of this unprecedented boom in youth culture, focusing on emerging and progressive artists, blending traditional aesthetics with a futurist lifestyle.

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