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Finally, it is unleashed.

Free for only a limited amount of time before it reverts to going on sale worldwide on all the Digital Stores.

Our friends Okayafrica have the exclusive free download on this baby and so go there and grab it double-quick, the links are on the soundcloud player below or go here Okayafrica.

Generation Bass presents: DJ Paparazzi – Los Tarraxa EP

The great DJ Paparazzi has long paid his dues. He is a club dj at several long running nights all over the UK and before that, he played records in several Lisbon clubs.

He is also a producer who has been featured on some high octane compilations with Kuduro and African House like Project Semba Not Pe, Album Segredos and the acclaimed Danca Angola Project Vol1.

His blend of deep bass and twitchy rattling percussion has ZOUK BASS written all over it and to prove that point he now drops this 5 track banger with your favorite label and blog, Generation Bass!

Los Tarraxa EP is pure ZOUK BASS. Slow and deep bangin’ at its 86-88 bpm root, and hyper-tensioned in its almost footwork-like high end and percussion.

The EP starts with a 90’s throwback and a great almost forgotten sample in the track “Let me be your fantasy”, before kicking into gear and a smooth, clean ZOUK BASS bass with the deep, deep bass propelling the track for all the laidback dance floors out there. On the second cut there’s a collab with DJ BaCo and the two work hard at giving all the newbie producers a run for their money with the hard hitting “Vai”. The percussion in there is killing it man. Superb and swinging like there’s no tomorrow. The price cut has got to be the seductive “Mi Ma Mo” though. This has ZOUK BASS “classic” written all over it with the great samples and again, nice and smooth production and deep, plodding bass kicks. The two last cuts round off this 5 track EP with some sexual tension as well, and Dj Pararazzi shows everybody that this slow riddim is perfect for smootching!

Generation Bass is proud to bring you innovative sounds again and to introduce your ears to the new sound of ZOUK BASS, that is taking the world by storm!

Dj Paparazzi

Artwork : Steve Ohh

Mastered by Celt Islam

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