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It has been an urge that has been increasing in intensity for me, the urge to take long drives normally taking two days to a week, and visit different cities where I can walk around and take photographs. I’m studying the human condition to find answers or perhaps to find myself. The objective is not yet clear but the journey and the documentation is well underway.

When I take these trips I enjoy the deep thinking, the meditating, the observing and meeting of pretty girls and friendly people, and the behavior of our species when we go about our daily lives blind to our impact and part in the natural world around us. These aspects and tasks might seem very time consuming, and they are, but they don’t interfere with my habit of collecting music throughout the day. I believe that there is nothing powerful enough to consume my time to the point where I turn my back to my obsession of listening to everyone’s music. In my case, which might be obvious due to the nature of this blog post, nu cumbia is at the forefront of the music that I collect and listen to.

I was a bit late last weekend, so late that I failed to write and publish this post. That being said however, there were several incredible new tracks uploaded to the Internet clouds that did not escape my attention. It would be a crime against all that is good for me not to share them with all of you right now.

Pedrolito starts things off this time with his newest cumbia mixtape for his Dale Amor A la Cumbia series. Pedrolito never ceases to successfully deliver the goods from cumbia digital to chicha to everything under the cumbia sun.

Dale amor a la cumbia que la cumbia te lo devuelve #43 – Especial Radio Mixticius by Pedrolito Radioglobal on Mixcloud

Our deep cumbia boy Dany F explores the deepness he is peacefully content in producing in once again with his newest creative cumbia featuring Leandro Diaz.

It’s been a couple of months or perhaps more, since DJ Pase appeared here on SSC. Making for an awesome return, he delivers us this very cool cumbia rebajada.

A warm little cumbia comes this week from Sigsonbia. It is very minimalistic, which is an aspect that seems to draw me in right away.

Qechuaboi is not known to be someone who won’t tackle new ideas and genres with his cumbia remixes. This is a good thing for us. And this next song is a good example.

I proudly wish to share a very special video with all of you. This is a video featuring our good friend and SSC regular Kuto Selektah Quilla with his group Tunche SoundSystem.

This next one is too cool. The master Orihuela M.S.S. drops by SSC this week with his charming new cumbia digital.

Arturo Hererra DJ returns once again with his unique take on nu cumbia. This time he takes us into a cumbia psychedelica trip.

Turbo Sonidero Futuristico went to work on a new track featuring vocals by Amber aka Ambr33zy. Her vocals were recorded off her laptop’s built in mic.

I haven’t shared anything from Comanchaca for a long time now. I believe about five months actually. This is a good time to share some of his newer tracks. These tracks are all very interesting and worth downloading.

This takes me back. Ramon Ayala was the ballad master on par with Vicente Fernandez at the parties and clubs in my past. Here we get a taste of what happens when Ramon meets Enrikisimo DeeJay.

El Mulato is the man when it comes to interesting innovative ideas for nu cumbia. His latest showcases his unique sound that I always excitingly look forward to.

El Maestro, el genial DJ Neber hits the spot once again with his new Latin drum and bass experiment.

When I read or hear the name Derbastler I immediately think of Balkan infused cumbia. This time I was tricked and pleasantly so. His newest track takes on a lovely cumbia digital trip well worth having.

What a lovely original nu cumbia this one is, from our good old friend Nixtamal. The melody is very catchy, the bass has that analog synth bass I love and honestly wouldn’t want to live without, and the vocals are also quite lovely.

Colombian Free Mix dishes out the goods often these days. I love following CFM on SoundCloud because I really come across some fun tunes. Here is the latest fun tune now.

Last up is this slideshow of Northern California Bay Area cumbieros Candelaria set to their song Pendejita.

Well mis cumbieros I love you all and am very pleased that I was able to deliver you another Sexxy Saturday… eh… Monday Cumbia.


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