There is so much musical activity happening these days online. Trends start up out of nowhere and explode over night. The ones that last merge into other “post” sub genres of itself and those that don’t last just disappear from the consciousness to the point where most forget that they even existed. We move fast online that is for sure. One thing I am certain of is that the music I am about to share with you now will last forever. Cumbia is deeply rooted into the psyche of many cultures, so much so that it never dies. It may seem trendy at times but that trendiness is only in countries where cumbia doesn’t have strong roots in. For the countries where the roots are deep, it is impossible for cumbia to be just a trend. It is instead, permanent.

Fortunately for me and the vast majority of South America, cumbia is something we can produce and experiment in forever. We never cease to lose our love for the cumbia sound that intoxicates our senses every time we hear it. At Generation Bass I proudly found a home where I can share my love for cumbia, where I can expose the work of many great artists who will never go out of style. Like rock music, cumbia is here to stay and as long as I am writing here at Generation Bass (which I hope is for a very long time), cumbia will be celebrated on this influential blog.

El Remolón is one of the many genius digital cumbia innovators. He recently received the task of scoring a movie. The movie is called Boxeo Constitución, it is a movie about young people in an underground boxing gym rebelling against the Argentinian social and economic crisis. The movie follows two adolescent boxers from the disenfranchised suburbs of Buenos Aires on their path to their debut fights. This first bout will decide whether they can hold their hopes up to escape the lack of perspective in their neighborhoods in order to “be someone” one day. When some of their colleagues form a boxers union, their youthful enthusiasm is confronted with the harsh social reality of their sport.

El Remolón was trusted to score this movie, a trust which I too would give to him. He creatively brings cumbia into the boxing training realm by emulating the sounds and vibes of the gym. El Remolón carefully and meticulously produced tracks to perfectly match the scenes in the movie. He even recorded the ambient noises of the gym into his music. The sonic soundscapes capture the vibes perfectly. This is something that many composers find to be difficult. It’s easy to fall back on traditional movie scoring techniques but to truly stand out, one must capture the essence of the scenes, the locations, and the over all vibe of the movie in a more creative way.

When Stewart Copeland composed the score for Francis Ford Coppola’s masterpiece Passion Fish, he brought his own unique style and flavor to the score. Besides the brilliant use of spherical lenses, acting and writing, the music really set the tone for the movie and has made it memorable for many of us forever. Dare I say El Remolón is on par with Copeland? Yes I dare say so and without hesitation.

The soundtrack is out today for purchase and it features several well known names in our treasured cumbia scene. These names include Lido Pimienta, Maxi Russo, Fermin Echeveste and Andres Ravioli, from Morbo & Mambo and Mompox on horns, Juan Marnich from Pimentón on nylon guitar and Pablo Zapata on bandoneon. Also is the presence of Patricio Smink on percusion and Daniel Schteingart on keyboards, both integrants of El Remolón & Su Conjunto band.

Edited by Waxploitation and released under ZZK Records, Boxeo Constitución is a cumbia marvel and if you have any common sense you will purchase it from Amazon. To hear cumbia as the main style for a movie soundtrack is such a wonderful gift. I know I will treasure the soundtrack for the rest of my days. Trust me the songs are beautiful at times to where they make you tear up while at other times they just make you really think deeply.

Please grab this. For free I can share a sample of the single with Lido Pimienta called Boxeo. Grab that HERE

To purchase and sample the entire Boxeo Constitución soundtrack, which I can’t emphasize how important it is to do so, please do so here on Amazon with this LINK.



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