Quickly becoming my favorite guitarist alive today, Russ Bledsoe of Dialect Trio recently released his debut album Sept Grains de la Même Sable under his solo name A Hypothetical Circus. When I first was given this album before the mastering was finalized, I counted myself as a very lucky music fan. Whether it was affected by my mood that morning or not, the songs on the album really spoke to me and my imagination.

Russ is a true talent. He brings his own flavor to the blues. It has this raw ambient feeling that is impossible for another to emulate, the feeling comes from within the player. This is what makes a musician special. For example, I have heard and seen many Stevie Ray Vaughan copy-cats come and go since Stevie’s passing, even his own brother Jimmy tries to capture the SRV sound. But they all fall short, not due to technique but to feeling. And this is something that I see and hear with Russ Bledsoe. He has taken an old world style and breathed new life into it, reinvigorating the blues and bringing out of the usual run of the mill middle aged weekend warrior bands that plague sports bars across the United States and back into a place of unique reverence.

This is a quote from yours truly from part of the album liner notes:

Nothing sonically captures the mythology of the American South quite as beautifully as Russ Bledsoe’s genuine raw guitar playing and Piper Street Sound’s exquisitely flawless production on the highly anticipated and desperately needed Grains de Sable EP.
-John Newell of Generation Bass and Nu Cumbia Experience

With mastering and productions assistance, including additional instrumentation by Piper Street Sound, Russ played guitars and percussion on the album. This shows his incredible diversity with musicianship. The album also shows his respect for West African music as he incorporates Malian musical styles along with his Southern United States Georgia roots into his blues.

Please give this one a listen, I promise the trip will be worth your time.

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