Arehouse Diamonds Cover Art

Arehouse has just let loose on this 3 track multi-genre EP full of interesting stuff. Diamonds track is a bit of stomper methinks. Check it out and grab it for free and read the track commentary by Arehouse himself:

1. Diamonds

The title track is a new venture into a world that is different for me. This track challenges ideas of genres being described by BPM.
Heavily influeced by Moombahton, and Zouk Bass. Sitting at 90BPM it is neither genre in itself. The use of flowing melodies and ever changing song structure gives a feel of listening music rather than DJ’s next banger.

2. Come Wit It! Ft Koukla

This track is a Moombahton track that takes notes from hardstyle and jump up. Pushing ever forward this song has euphoric synth leads and cheering crowds that bring about the old school rave sensation.

3. Old School Biz

This track is a journey deep into the thought process of Arehouse, and again challenges genres. Bringing together Breaks, Moombahton, New Jack, and Jump Up, this track is a high energy assault on the dance floor.

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