Kaio AC

Kaio AC is a producer from São Paulo, creating favela trap of all kind of material. If Comrade was the first, he is the second generation (if we can say that) constructing and breaking all sound system with good massive bass line.

Even beening a young producer, in his soundcloud page, we can find a lot of good productions and few remixes. Using the essency of funk carioca, sampling and using know samples of funk, he created his own style of baile trap. If you ever heard the Favela Trap from Comrade, here you will listen a diferent sound of Favela Trap.

Mixing some influence of electro and heavy bass line, Kaio came from rap. So he understand the importance of beat and lyrics walk together.

One important thing is: Kaio isn’t the kind of producer who made just one kind of sound. Even with the heavy beats of trap, Kaio show a kind of love with chillie traps.

This is the introducing of Kaio Ac to global scene. A good producer with good creative in works. A bonus track come to our friends of generation bass. A free trap remix of Prostituto!

Deise Tigrona ft Jaloo – Prostituto (Kaio AC Remix)

Download Link by Media Fire


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