Skrillex’s best mate, David Heartbreak unleashed the mighty “King Kong” stems a few days ago and the remixes are coming in thick and fast.

As you should all be aware”King Kong” is a classic Moombahcore track that followed shortly after Munchi’s “Firepower” and upped the stakes further for that sub-genre back in 2010. It is one of the tracks that still holds its amazing energy and power to this very day and time has not diminished its impact, hence why it is a classic.

Here’s 2 of my personal fave remixes of the track that have come in from these 2 dudes, awesome work.

Here’s what Steve says and btw Happy Birthday mate:

It’s time to come out the animal !!! hahahha !! ZoukBass Remix for Original Moombahton track from David Heartbreak BigBig Artist & producter of Bass Music !!!


Here’s an unbelievable Moombahton Remix by one of our faves Hoodie!!

He says:

Made this little piece in an hour last night.. Download it for free..

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