Sexxy Saturday Cumbia Vibrancy

It’s a new Sexxy Saturday Cumbia already! One good thing about being late is that we get two Sexxy Cumbia posts so close together. Cumbia the genre of music I have fallen in love with and the one genre that will surely never die, and all the proof I need for it is due to the success of these weekly articles. In such a short time between posts one might think there wasn’t much new good music released, one would be wrong in this thought, I can prove my point right now.

We have a lot of exciting new projects coming our way here at Generation Bass and a lot of them deal with cumbia. Very soon I suspect Generation Bass will be the best place online for all the latest in cumbia, considering it pretty much is already, though with these new projects everyone will be blown away with the wealth of cumbia here. Sure cumbia isn’t all that we do but it is one thing we manage to produce very well. In the near future what I’m speaking about will become very apparent.

For example keep an eye out for June 4th when we will release our first cumbia EP! It is coming along rather well. I’ll have a single from it out this coming Monday where I’ll also provide a lot more information. Also the massive cumbia compilation to be released on October 15th is well underway. There is a lot to be excited about. But for now this SSC will keep the cumbia appetite fulfilled for the time being.

Play a selected mix of today’s SSC here.

I’m going to take a trip to the far East for some really interesting cumbia. I didn’t even know that cumbia had a presence in Japan until a little over a year ago when I met my Japanese tropical bass correspondent Nice J. He DJ’s and produces in Osaka and from time to time shares new tropical bass happenings on Generation Bass’s sister site and my personal blog Nu Cumbia Experience. He also provides content for my podcast The Global Bass Experience. Last week he sent over some information and links about a Japanese cumbia band that has been active for a couple of years now called Rojo Regalo. The band surprised me with their sound. They manage to capture the feeling and sounds of tropical cumbia as though they are from Colombia. I have a couple of videos I would like to share and a couple tracks, one a remix by Nice J.

This is a sampler of the album Found Love.

Here is an original not found on their album but rather just a single.

Here is Nice J’s remix for the band.

I’m sure at this point you would like to see the band in action. Fortunately I have the videos to fulfill this desire.

Rolling Paper Friends, Paperless, or Al Pacheco, I’m not sure which name to go by so I chose all three. Here is a nu cumbia production with a very unique sound produced and performed by all three of the same aforementioned artist.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a small piece for Pa Kongal’s new EP release De La Isla. This free EP is incredible and I feel has been a bit overlooked. SSC is the perfect place to promote the EP and you can also download if for free here:


A little over a year ago I embarked on writing and recording my debut album. I originally thought that I would be finished by the end of last summer. That speculation proved incorrect as I still have yet to finish it. I have several tracks on the shelf but need to finish more and master them all. One that I finished early has been sitting on the shelf for over a year now, it isn’t mastered but it sounds good enough to promote a little here. I want to share it with all of you to get some feedback. It also needed to be shared after being locked away for so long.

The organ wails on this next heavy hip hop cumbia edit put together by Arturo Herrera DJ. This was too funky to contain so I had to let it out here.

CD’M shows up here on SSC after a long while away. His return comes with a new remix he made from a close friend’s song, a close friend of his and of mine Orihuela M.S.S.

I can’t get over how brilliant El Remolon did with his soundtrack to the film Boxeo Constitucion. I wrote a review earlier this week where you can sample all of the tracks. You can access that post here. I just love it so much that I want to share a single from the soundtrack here for those who may have missed it. This is a single from the soundtrack featuring the gorgeous vocals of Lido Pimienta called Boxeo.

A well-known Bolivian collective we’ve covered here on Generation Bass several times over the past year or so and on Nu Cumbia Experience, Oi Mas Bass has been busy, and not just with their massive and successful annual festival KIEBRE but also with many other productions. Not only am I personally working with Alejandro Cassis and Villa Victoria Sound System on a new EP (soon to be released and it’s amazing) but they have had a few of their tracks shared by Latino Resiste this week. I want to share a few of the tracks that I really personally enjoy.

DJ Quien is not a new name to Generation Bass. Last year he was flown out by us to perform at the Incubate music festival where word has it, he tore it up. This is his part of the recent release.

Villa Victoria Sound System is a very talented producer and musician. Many good things have already come from him in the past and the future shows many good signs that he will continue with his excellent talents.

Alejandro Cassis is a young talent. He’s a newer member in Oi Mas Bass and they will only benefit from having him. Keep an eye out for his new work I will be releasing of his here on Generation Bas son June 4th. We’ve been working a lot on his EP and I honestly think many will love it. This is his contribution to the LR compilation.

Last up is a new video by a band I love in Buenos Aires called Pimenton. A couple of SSC’s regulars are members, they being eSmink (Patricio Smink) on percussion and Reptilian Commander (Bret Scharvtzman) on keys and synths. The song is called Freud Criminal and will be on their forthcoming debut EP May 31st called Electrocachengue.

Okay now I have to get back to work! There are so many big things coming with Generation Bass, I can’t miss a beat.


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