One of the best things that I’ve discovered this year is Acid Arab.

This EP they have just released is really innovative.  I have not heard much innovative electronic Arabian music now for almost 6 years.  The fusion of arabic with acid is one of the first in my book in this style.  There is 1 track that has existed in my collection for a while that mixes up Arabian vibes with Acid but apart from that nothing else but this from Acid Arab.

Of course I have included many of their tracks on my recent ArabTronix and ArabTek mixes, which take in tracks from my DJ vaults from years ago to more recent stuff too.

Acid Arab are defintely leading the way for the new Electronic Arabic Revolution!

Here’e what their label have to say:

Acid Arab is a duet from Paris whose goal is to mix all kind of Eastern music (North Africa, Lebanon, Egypt, Turkey or… Mumbai) with electronic sounds, from pioneering acid house to today’s powerful techno. Guido Minisky and Hervé Carvalho, both djs for many years and residents of infamous Parisian club Chez Moune, have fallen in love with this music after a trip to Tunisia with Dj Gilb’R. They’ve managed to convince a lot of producers to come along with them on this fantastic voyage and create a track for their ‘Acid Arab Collections‘, which are naturally released by Gilb’R’s label, Versatile Records.

On this first EP you will hear the French dance master I:Cube giving his own definition of an Arabic acid track. Inspired by some old guys talking in an Algerian café, he called it “Le bon vieux temps” (‘Good old days’). The Syrian star Omar Souleyman has accepted to let Crackboy (from Tigersushi and I’m A Cliché) remix one of his famous hits ‘Shift Al Mani‘. It’s acid at its best, empowered by Souleyman’s vocals. Acid Arab organized a live session at Versatile studio with keyboardist / guitarist Turzi (Record Makers), keyboardist / bassist Judah Warsky (Pan European Recordings) and a very special guest : Adnan Mohamed, aged 60, who’s played traditional oud guitar all his life in Kurdistan and France. Dj Gilb’R, the brain behind the muscles, has mixed these sounds to create an epic cosmic symphony that the team called ‘Cosmique Arabe‘ by Boyz In The Oud. Lastly, Acid Arab themselves deliver their ‘Theme‘, a journey through beats and a Persian melody that has already got support from Gilles Peterson, Lovefingers, TLR, Skudge, Tim Sweeney and Radio Nova (Paris).

“We are fascinated by eastern music and its codes, such as complex rhythmic structures (binary and ternary superimposing upon each other), which drive dancers to trance just like acid house does. We’d like to take these codes and use analog techno devices (beatboxes, bassline machines) to create something new : an oriental acid music which combines the coldness of techno and the emotional and dramatic power of the East. Our knowledge of the dancefloor is now digested and we have spent night after night digging records and files to know more about arabic music. We don’t want to be standardbearers of mixing whatever, we just want to be of our days. talking about mixing means there’s a split, a binary vision of an occidental vs oriental world – this is has-been. We don’t paste oriental sounds on occidental beats, we want to embody both cultures without pretending to reinvent oriental music or fooling ourselves by believing we’re inventing eastern dance music. We just want to be part of it, and contribute to this brilliant and enormous masterpiece that this music is, and has been for thousands of years.” Acid Arab aka Guido Minisky and Hervé Carvalho.


VER083 : Acid Arab Collections EP01

1 – I:Cube – ﻡﺍﻱﺃ ﻥﺍﻡﺯ (Le Bon Vieux Temps)
2 – Omar Souleyman – Shift Al Mani (Crackboy remix)
3 – Boys In The Oud aka Turzi, Judah Warsky, Dj Gilb’R & Adnan Mohamed – Cosmique Arabe
4 – Acid Arab – Theme

Out vinyl May 25th 2013, Beatport June 10th & all digital June 24th


crazy!!! Carl Craig – love it Seth Troxler – wonderful! James Holden – Playing I:Cube track for 2 month now. Always an amazing confusion on the floor… Dixon – Le Bon Vieux Temps 5/5 Thank you ! Dubfire – SOOOO GOOOD!!! Eric Duncan – A M A Z I N G ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Trevor Jackson – The I:Cube track is insane! Deetron – wonderful! track 2 and 3 solid favourites Prins Thomas – would give this 6 stars if i could. exactly the kind of release i spend my life looking for. all 4 tracks rule. cannot wait to play them out Optimo – Whole release is stunning .. and the lead track is TOTAL Cube Class!! Danny Howells – cosmique arabe is huge room stuff!!! yala!!!!! Ivan Smagghe – Hey!
:) Skudge – wicked
, really 
 Theme Gilles
 Peterson – I’m 
t hat
 and I:Cube
 Tim Sweeney – pretty 
g out
Miller – wow
 sick disorienting 
 Acid Arab Theme cool 
 release Dj 
TLR – Full throttle Jacques Renault – Sick Man ! Really cool shit : sounds tight Alixcander III – One of the best eps I have heard in a while. This is great ! Dinamo Azari – My favorite is the song “Theme”. Sounds greeeat !! Xosar – Theme is dope Basic Soul Unit – yallah! Joakim – cosmique arab rock :-) like this Gerardo Niva – comisque Arabe is great Alain Ho – Absolutely amazing and fresh ep Drumpoet Community – Cosmique Arabe is fantastic !! Great EP, refreshing sound Llorca – Oh man – this is serious! Acid F$$KING ARAB!!! LOVE EVERY TRACK!!! Silicone Soul – DOPE release! You’ve honed in on my vibe here. All in favor of Multi Culti acid say AYAYAYAAYAYAYY Thomas Von Party – yeah – love this, wish i’d picked it up on Saturday Justin Harris – Really nice fusion of styles and sounds.Superb music again from Versatile Willie Graff – Beautiful voyage Rodriguez Jr – Some fantastic ideas going down here. Cosmique Arabe is great Rob Mello – not sure I would play this…but I really dig it…. super good Luke Solomon – Very interesting combination Dairmount – like the concept, supporting Jerry Bouthier – WOW le genre de promo qui illumine une journée! Balaise de A à Z, petite préférence pour les 2 premiers tracks. Definitely Will Play Crabbe – classy Tim Paris – This is a massive release.. huge! Trus’Me – What a snake charmer!!! Kiki – Trippy, trippy EP; love this! Velanche – DOPE ! Dirty Sound System – Le 303 chante ! On arrive encore à innover avec ce vieux machin, incroyable !! Fabrice Lig – Beautifully strange and Unique!!! Just the way I like it! Doc Martin – love it Michael Ruetten – Versatile is still just as fresh as on day one! thats what I love so much about them. Le bon vieux temps and cosmique arabe are a-fucking-mazing! Trickski – I first saw Omar Souleyman at Sonar Fest couple uears ago, good to see some interpretations of his material! all tracks and concept are very interesting! quality package And.Id – I’m really into the idea here, but “Theme” seems to be the best execution of the four tracks, though all are cool Qburn Abstract Message – especially liked tracks 3 & 4, fun project! Amir Egozy – so good! love ‘le bon vieux temps’ and ‘theme’ but my favourite is crackboy’s remix of ‘shift al mani’. great idea for a project! Alex Egan – Tres bon! En trance sur mon balcon. Funky et cosmique comme j’aime beaucoup. It’s FRESH! Alex From Tokyo – Acid arab theme for me thanx ! Great project Master H – cool !! i want more , crackboy why didn’t you kept the 160 tempo Feadz – Brilliant! Love it thanks Mylo – It’s 
 – Much to like here, inventive and inviting as always with Versatile. Theme is quite the whirling dervish ! Chris Duckenfield – LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! ONE OF MY FAVORITE RELEASE OF 2013.IT WILL BE HEARD IN NYC Max Pask – Mais ca tue, je suis tellement content de votre demarche. La musique du moyen orient c’est tellement adictif Blackjoy – Ca déchire ! Surement des tracks que je jouerais en dj set. Top tracks A1, A2 et B2. Well done guys Gazza djs – wow 
 bonkers !!
it!!!! i
 Lovefingers. i
Institute – Love this project !!!!! Thanks Melle Caro – Techno de MOUDJHAIDINE J’adore ! Mickhail – M A S S I V E. BIg record… Geoffroy – This is really innovative stuff man, I have not heard any innovative electronic arabian music now for almost 6 years… I have not heard anything like this before, except of course on your mixes… The fusion of arabic with acid is a first in my book in this style… you are def leading the way for the new Electronic Arabic Revolution… Damn impressed… you’re killing it Dj UMB – c’est cool ! J’ai surtout aimé le krikor et le acid arab. Ca fait très dans la lignée de Versatile première période en fait et ca me fait penser aussi à un Superdiscount / sourcelab qui serait sorti de Versailles, il y a un coté boogie et groove poilu que j’entend plus trop en ce moment In Paradisum – Le Theme tue bravo ce coté acid mercenaries orientaux c’est top Geena – Last track is dope, old school and raw Jahcoozi – FAT and Solid Release !!! Terence – really interesting stuff Charles Webster – sounds 
man! Baris K – In my Spin column Philip Sherburne – excellent Tsugi – Crackboy Remix is nice Groove – Pure madness! I:Cube and Boys In The Oud are killing it! Nu Sound website France – Cool EP Trax France – All killer no filler! Great EP guys, super into the I:Cube and Acid Arab cuts Beg To Differ – le bon vieux temps and shift al mani both put a smile on my face, killer tracks.. looking forward to hearing more from this project A Made Up Sound – good track Sixty Mag – Holy cow. That’s some mad stuff. Proper trippy tunage. Very cool Sven Von Thuelen De:Bug – Le Bon Vieux Temps 4/5 Thanks Guys Ryan Keeling Resident Advisor – considering for review De:Bug

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