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Generation Bass presents: DZC Crew : Deejay Kuimba & 2Pekes – “Deep In Zouk Bass” EP

As you know we have a great love for Kuduro music. In fact, it’s one of the reasons we started the blog in the first place. That same raw energy is now resurfacing in 2013. ZOUK BASS has a tension in it though, which is not instantly recognized. A dark, unrelieved tension that makes you expects a crazy breakdown or drop any second. But it’s not coming. It keeps you on your toes with its slow kick drums and double time percussion.

ZOUK BASS as a name for a scene was first brought to our attention by a Buraka Som Sistema’s Boiler Room set, which incidentally started with the Deejay Kuimba track from this release and so there’s some history in this release. We know ZOUK BASS has existed way before the Buraka Boiler Room set aka Tarraxinha. It has now outgrown the ‘hype’ stage of its recent re-introduction with these 4 killer cuts.

2 of the artists from the DZC Crew who feature on this EP are the real deal. Young kids messing around with software and getting stuck on a new tempo, a new discovery that is taking the internet by storm. It has the same almost distorted power as the tracks you might find in Angola or in a Lisbon outskirt. First off there’s Deejay Kuimba, the man that created the template for ZOUK BASS with his awesome track “Tarraxo Na Parede”, featured here in its original and instrumental version. From Cape Verde descent, this young guy just tried to flip the script on some productions he was working on and threw in this mad slow, 86 bpm-ish skeletal beat we now know as ZOUK BASS. The track also features one of his sidekicks DJ Yudifox.

Also on the EP is 2Pekes, who claims a Deep and Dutch House influence next to his Kizomba and Tarraxinha background and who brings the thunderous “Txillo” and equally bangin’ “Deep in Zoukbass” to the table. With bleeping, thin, whiny synths and a beautiful percussion layer, these are those kinds of tracks that will stand the test of time and are ready to become ‘classics’ in this newborn genre.

The DZC crew is bringing the fire to those who are ready to listen and we at Generation Bass are proud to be on the forefront of yet another musical revolution, bringing original music to your ears!

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Artwork by Steve Ohh

Mastered by Celt Islam

Artist DZC CREW : Deejay Kuimba & DJ 2Pekes
Album Title Deep In Zouk Bass
Genre Zouk Bass/Tarraxinha
Release Date28 May 2013
Description EP
Tracklist1. Deep In Zouk Bass
2. Txillo
3. Tarraxo Na Parede (Original Mix) [Feat. DJ Yudifox]
4. Tarraxo Na Parede (Instrumental) [Feat. DJ Yudifox]
Download storesJuno
Streaming servicesSpotify

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