Zouk spcae 2

To celebrate reaching 8000 followers on Soundcloud and over 2000 on Mixcloud, I thought I’d drop this new mix. It focuses on my current obsession, Tarraxinha and Zouk Bass and rounds off with some Portugese Bass music.

I think it is quite a feat getting to 8000 followers on soundcloud and I’m not sure how it has happened. Of course in reality it doesn’t really prove anything except that a lot of people from all around the world actually dig my mixes, which I still record Live in the old skool way on CDJ’s with no post-editing.  I actually didn’t even know until most recently that people put in a lot of post-editing work on their mixes, no wonder they usually sound perfect.  For me though, it’s all about flow and spirit and that is usually captured in the good old way, Live! It is always less than perfect but for me it is always more real.

So with this mix I tried to go in a different route to most of the Zouk Bass mixes out there atm and opted for a deeper feel and vibe and focused on the stuff that I personally find most exciting in this new movement.


To UMBfinity And BeyUMB….

“The DROP ain’t coming Brah!!

Artwork by Steve Ohh
Mastered by Celt Islam


1. Lx Monkeys Beatz – Tarraxo [White]
2. Lx Monkeys Beatz – Tarraxo Filme De Terror [White]
3. DJ BeBeDeRa – FOdenCia TaraDinha [White]
4. DJ BeBeDeRa – Pai do Tarraxo Tremó Suculentado [White]
5. DJ 2PeKes – Deep in Zouk Bass [Generation Bass]
6. DJ 2Pekes – Txillo [Generation Bass]
7. saBBo – Slow Hello [Forthcoming Generation Bass]
8. JSTJR – Badman [Generation Bass]
9. KJs – Ziren [White]
10. saBBo – Sea Side [Forthcoming Generation Bass]
11. Red Milk – Pickaplum [white]
12. JSTJR – Cerveja [Generation Bass]
13. Riot – Keep On [Echufada]
14. Reptilian Commander – Rito Do Repteis [White]
15. Chaikov & Lee Bass – Uknown Zouk Riddim [White]
16. Lx Monkeys Beatz – Wazebele [White]
17. Lx Monkeys Beatz – Zen [White]
18. Lx Monkeys Beatz – Coca Da Boa [White]

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