Another great release here from Filastine where he brings in a bunch of remixers to flip the lid on tracks taken from his recent album Looted and the remixes go all over the place from trap, dubstep, bollywood, juke through to dancehall.

Take a listen & download the mini-mix:

My personal fave of the remixes being the one by The Clerk, which incidentally you can grab for free from his Bandcamp:

Here’s the PR:

A year ago Filastine released £00T, his third thesis of outernational urban sound, to huge critical acclaim. The album came with award-winning video clips, a contraband utopian currency, and a hundred-city tour across Europe, Asia, North America & the Middle East.

To bring £00T closer to the dancefloor we invited a gang of creative producers from across the world to tear up the album. LOOTED is a deep journey into an uncharted sound between trap, dubstep, bollywood, juke, dancehall, and a dozen forms of more traditional music. We at Post World Industries don’t love borders – not between lands, not between people and definitely not between musics. The remixers share our philosophy, delivering up a broad selection of bass music; the only unifying themes might be adventurousness, hyper drums, and tremendous amounts of low-end pressure.

Circulate False Notes is not just a song title, but a call to counterfeit, to sabotage unjust economies, to invent new systems of exchange.

In this spirit we enlisted Spain’s least-favorite bank in a unique collaboration for the cover art. A Bankia teller was given a fistfull of £00T bills for deposit, she refused and instead put the notes through the paper shredder, we used photo of this “remix” for the vinyl sleeve.

Here also is a video compilation of a 2 year World wide tour taking in Festivals and Venues that supported him in Asia, Australia, Oceania, Europe, USA and Canada.

All images are from £00T Tour 2012-2013. Travel footage from Filastine’s mobile phone. Concert footage from Barcelona, Ubud, Paris, Utrecht & Istanbul. Montage by Xavier Artigas.

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